The Malt / Malt whiskey distillery

The Malt / Malt whiskey distillery

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Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand | View Map
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Tawin Yuangtrakul
Scheda Tecnica Prodotto

ElementoMarchioProduct Name
Facade Cladding – TE10Equitone
EQUITONE [tectiva] TE10
Facade Cladding - Natural opper 412Alucobond
Brick wall - AP-113/MAPK DAWKOO (1988)
Metal Sheet Roof - Klip-Lok 700BlueScope Steel
Shingle Roof - Tegola Shingle Roof Master 167 Ancient StoneL'AQUATECH Co., Ltd.

Scheda Tecnica Prodotto
Facade Cladding – TE10
EQUITONE [tectiva] TE10 per Equitone
Facade Cladding - Natural opper 412
per Alucobond
Brick wall - AP-113/M
Metal Sheet Roof - Klip-Lok 700
Shingle Roof - Tegola Shingle Roof Master 167 Ancient Stone

The Malt / Malt whiskey distillery

Ani Design come Architects, Landscape, Graphic & Signage

The Malt
Malt whiskey distillery is the new factory, new office, and visitor center for a company named ThaiBev, the Thai food and beverage company. The project is located to the north of Thailand capital close to Kamphaeng Phet historical park, one of a UNESCO world heritage site. Designed in a style of campus, 3 functions for Visitor center, Distillery, and Warehouse. The buildings are grouped and surrounded by big ponds and open parkland.


The Pattern of Randomness
The architects proposed the brick as the main material and create a dialog between the buildings in the present and the history of the ancient town. The way the architects used the variety of the brick’s patterns by randomness, is a connection to the carcass of the ancient brick walls located in the UNESCO historical park and scattered around Kamphaeng Phet province.


The randomness of the Brick pattern is the texture of the exterior envelope. The variation of the brick’s patterns makes it a very attractive presence instead of just the industrial drab industry. The buildings still express the technology of distillery in industry style. But at the same time. It connects with the entire feeling of the historical park nearby. It is the way to make a reference like a modern translation of this quite classic brick architecture.


This factory will influence the way the new community will be. It will become various central place for the people, employees, and visitors. On a good weather day, they can actually have a picnic near the big pond, jogging or walking around the green area and surrounded by the scenery of modern brick buildings which also still show respect for the historic architecture of the ancient town nearby.


Material Used :
1. A.P.K. DAWKOO (1988) – Brick wall - AP-113/M
2. Alucobond – Facade Cladding - Natural opper 412
3. Bluescope – Metal Sheet Roof - Klip-Lok 700
4. Laquatech – Shingle Roof - Tegola Shingle Roof Master 167 Ancient Stone
5. Equitone – Facade Cladding – TE10

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Architects, Landscape, Graphic & Signage
7/1 NTMK
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