The Orbit, the inspirational and green building in Athens.

Elval Colour come aluminium composite panels

The Orbit is a new office building in Athens, Greece. Designed by LC Architects and Vikelas Architects. A building that is characterized by modern and clean lines, with a sustainable facade solution dressed with etalbond in total 14,500m2. 

Materials used: aluminium composite panels etalbond®FR, etalbond®A2, with fire retardant and non-combustible cores, and arypon® functional coating system that deters dust and pollution particles to bond on the surface, reduces the surface energy, thus creating a hydrophilic surface that assists the washing away of dirt particles. 

Aluminium Composite Panels are coated with the purity colour of Acropolis White Low Gloss. 

Α sustainable building envelope results in a significant reduction of the primary energy consumption of a building for heating, cooling and maintenance, while contributes to improved appearance and longevity of the façade, roof and building envelope in general. In Elval Colour, we have developed a series of products that are committed to the improvement of the environmental performance of buildings, increase the sustainability of building facades and roofing, and reduce their impact on the environment by being fully recyclable at any production step and at the end of their life as well.

Orbit Urban Office Campus

L&L Luce&Light come Outdoor lighting

Orbit Urban Office Campus is a workspace that combines functionality with modern, avant-garde architecture by LC Architects & Vikelas Architects.

The objective of creating a building with a strong visual identity was achieved by having the architectural practice work hand in hand with Thanos Danilof and his team, responsible for the lighting project, right from the planning stage.

Greenery plays a large role in the project’s uniqueness: it is integrated into the sinuous lines of the facade and surrounds the structure in flowerbeds filled with both low plants and trees. The lighting design studio chose Ginko projectors to light the vegetation in the green areas around the complex. These fixtures feature a high colour rendering index (CRI >90) and 4000K white light and are equipped with anti-glare accessories such as snoots and honeycomb louvres.

In the photo showing the atrium, crisscrossing shadows decorate the path that leads from the greenery into the building. The shadows are generated by Ginko 3.0 projectors with 13° optics, fixed in the ground with a stake, that create the projection of elegant foliage in chiaroscuro.

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aluminium composite panels
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