Villa Viani

Villa Viani

Philipp Architekten
Göttingen, Germany | View Map
Anno Progetto
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House Viani

Philipp Architekten come Architetti

The architects met the challenge to plan a house flooded with sun and light as the clients pictured it. As a result the idea of an atrium building was born. Because of its partial constriction it's possible to position the façade facing north and therefore maximize the distance to the shading neighbouring house. Due to the additionally gained frontage of the atrium more sun and light can be brought into the house. Developed from the basic concept of the atrium house, a trisection of the exterior and interior spaces emerged: in addition to the central atrium there is now a roadside entrance court as well as a rear garden. Entering the house, one steps into the roadside, two-storey part of the building. Its bright wooden front appears relatively closed and thus preserves the intimacy of the sleeping rooms located here. Adapted to the natural ground, the entrance is situated a few steps lower than the level of the living area. In continuation of the lowered entrance, there is a visual and access route running through the entire home. To this, the second part of the architectural triad lines up: the kitchen, to which the atrium connects visually as the assigned dining area.

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