Zenith Twin Eagle

Zenith Twin Eagle

RIMA Arquitectura
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico | View Map
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Frank Lynen

Zenith Twin Eagle

RIMA Arquitectura come Designer

Zenith is a dynamic company that is constantly developing business concepts and investments. In our second project for this company, we created an office space that included a meeting room and a war room for its executives. 

The project layout is designed to take advantage of the natural light and views. Therefore, the large spaces including the area of operations, the meeting room and the war room, are located along a façade with the best views of Chapultepec Forest and Paseo de la Reforma, one of the most important and beautiful avenues in Mexico. The spaces are open with a simple aesthetic. 

In contrast, the entrance to the main area does not feature a view or natural light, and therefore the design highlights contrasting geometries. By rotating the axis of the various components of the wooden wall, the space is infused with character while reflecting the dynamism of the company. In this way, the slightly organic line of the wall draws the user along the space to discover the highlights of the rest of the office: the views of the city. 

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