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NotizieNotizie • 12 mag 2021

Ateliers Jean Nouvel completes bright red arcade lined with rows of flower pots

Ateliers Jean Nouvel set out to entice passers-by on their walk through Shanghai into a surprising shortcut through a bright red overgrown arcade. The project nicknamed ‘street of 1000 red jars’ has a red colored passageway lined with earthenware jars that connects the Ma Dang and Dan Shui streets. © 10 Studio. 恒基-旭辉新天地/The Roof The mix-use building includes offices, restaurants and two levels of shopping that are interconnected with overhead walkways and bridges. Adjustable slats for shading produce a shadowplay of natural light. © 10 Studio. 恒基-旭辉新天地/The Roof The exterior is a timid greyish-beige that contrasts boldly with glimpses of the red interior street. In the same color the outside facade is lined... Altro

Progetto • By Gariselli AssociatiAlloggi Privati

Architecture for addition

On the hills of central Italy, a house 60s with an attached craft activity is transformed by the recent restructuring in a family house. A large marble base on which has been reassembled the whole construction. Scenes that go beyond the large base to extend the surrounding terrain and communicate with it. The materials that alternate are: cotto facing in dividing walls, glass mosaic columns, copper in finishes and coverings, marble and brick on prospectuses. Covered walkways, porticoes and a large terrace overlooked by large windows for the new ground floor apartment, whose clients were asking precisely to be able to enjoy the surrounding landscape and feel constantly inhabitants of their green garden... Altro

Progetto • By Gariselli AssociatiPaesi


An elegant village in the hills of North of Italy. Complex architectures that combine the rural appearance of the place with the most modern design concepts, bucolic structures that intersect with modern elements, classical materials are combined with the most advanced building products. A quiet place where architecture becomes an integral part of nature by means of natural materials and bright colors that blend in idyllic tranquility and equilibrium. In collaboration with Ing. Vittorio Ravazzini and Arch. Annalisa Vandelli. Altro