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An image, a drawing, a plan... We implement your project on all flat metal supports.Punching resumes pixilated image. The higher the density of perforation, the more the image is precise.Feasible on formats of 3000x1500mm max, this support is an idea... Altro

Prodotto • By Building PlasticsBuilt-in screen Building Plastics

Built-in screen Building Plastics

The newest screen product in our range is the perfect solution for a hidden installation of the screen box, where it is entirely built within the cavity wall. Furthermore, the screen can also be surface mounted with the side channels mounted in front... Altro

Prodotto • By TEXTURE PAINTINGConcrete wall panels

Concrete wall panels

Industrial decor trends are becoming increasingly popular. But how can you create a timeless industrial atmosphere without demolishing walls or floors? Stone Panels are lightweight panels that have been finished with our exclusive concrete fibre tech... Altro

Prodotto • By TrespaMeteon® Focus

Meteon® Focus

The new Meteon® Focus range allows architects to introduce new designs which move beyond uni colours or products inspired by natural materials. The Meteon® Focus Santiago designs are based on an abstract interpretation of a cityscape, defined by ligh... Altro

Prodotto • By MAROKKSteam cured concrete tiles

Steam cured concrete tiles

High quality handmade concrete tiles made of cement, marble powder and oxide pigments at our factory in Marrakech, Morocco.Tiles are fibre-reinforced, cold pressed one at a time and steam cured to obtain maximum strength and most beautiful aesthetic... Altro

Prodotto • By GULDMANNStepless løfteplatform SLP

Stepless løfteplatform SLP

Stepless supplies a wide range of platform lifts designed to give wheelchair users and other people with reduced mobility safe, dignified access to places that are otherwise hard to reach. Our secure, stable solutions help users negotiate height diff... Altro

Prodotto • By Atlas ConcordeMARVAL EDGE TILE SERIES


AGATA AZUL is a reinterpretation of a wonderful, precious stone. Its use is varied as it can be used both for commercial spaces based on luxury as well as a rich decorative element in private homes. AGATA AZUL is a mixture of concentric, colorful str... Altro

Prodotto • By Air-Lux Technik AGAll Glass Design

All Glass Design

Freedom of design and individual application for floor-to-ceiling, frameless glass facades. All-glass façade design and construction with sliding elements without visible profiles. The outer glass covers the aluminium frames which are glued to t... Altro

Prodotto • By LANXESSBayferrox 303 T

Bayferrox 303 T

Bayferrox® 303 T is a LANXESS special pigment with high IR-reflection. More and more modern big cities develop into heat-islands which have a negative effect to health, well-being and climate conditions. Due to high IR-reflection of the sol... Altro

Prodotto • By UnidrainThe Reframe Collection

The Reframe Collection

The Reframe Collection by Unidrain s is an exclusive and unique series of bathroom accessories to match the Unidrain floor drains. The design is timeless and minimalistic to fit every taste. The quality and functionality of the accessories have been... Altro

Prodotto • By Geggus E.M.SSafe Clean TREND

Safe Clean TREND

Il nuovo tappeto di sicurezza Safe Clean TREND è stato sviluppato come integrazione di un concetto di sicurezza globale negli ambienti d’ingresso dei luoghi pubblici. Dotato di listelli bianchi di sicurezza, si crea così un cont... Altro

Prodotto • By OsramLINEARlight FLEX Diffuse CRI >90

LINEARlight FLEX Diffuse CRI >90

This flexible LED strip gives you perfectly homogenous lines of diffuse light, without visible spots. Linearlight Flex Diffuse has been created with freedom of design and light inspiration in mind and it is made from performance silicone, protected t... Altro



POD PHONE provides privacy for phone calls and due to its modularity, enables sustainable space adjustments in the workspaces and office environments. Its insulating structure offers excellent acoustic protection from disruptive sounds with STI value... Altro



Balusters and accessories in fiber of carbon for railings and balustrades. Exist in different colors. For interior use only. Altro