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Prodotto • By PFLEIDERERPfleiderer Structures

Pfleiderer Structures

Pfleiderer three examples of structures: Crocket, Steel and Trickle. Duropal HPL structure Crocket (CO)The fine, horizontally running structure can be interpreted in a number of ways and it underlines the roughness of rustic wood, accentuates th... Altro

Prodotto • By PFLEIDERERDuropal HPL Compact Exterior

Duropal HPL Compact Exterior

Pfleiderer Premium quality now also “outdoors”: With XTerior compact we are extending our product range to include a visually attractive and resistant compact panel for outdoor use. The high-quality compact laminate is characterised by its high UV an... Altro

Prodotto • By PFLEIDERERPfleiderer PrimeBoard

Pfleiderer PrimeBoard

Melamine faced wood-based panels with highquality and innovative multi-layer coating made up of a permanently elastic functional layer and UV-curing acrylic coatings. Colour match with DecoBoard and Duropal HPL, Easy to process, Resistant and easy ca... Altro

Prodotto • By MN MetallwellTEC® SP-50/50-R

wellTEC® SP-50/50-R

The special trapezoidal profile sheet SP-50/50-R has extraordinary deep and narrow dimensions. The special ratio of the distance and depth of the profiles allows a completely new façade appearance. The profile sheets are available in aluminum. Altro

Prodotto • By MN MetallwellTEC® SP-Art Wave-Paris

wellTEC® SP-Art Wave-Paris

The SP-Art Wave-Paris with its large radii looks like a curtain. The radii can be freely combined and adapted to the customer’s requirements. The profile is well suited in order to create an organic and lively effect. The special perforation enhances... Altro

Prodotto • By MN MetallwellTEC® SQ-40/20-20/20-R

wellTEC® SQ-40/20-20/20-R

With SQ-40/20-20/20-R, a square profile sheet with twice as much depth as opening width has been launched on the market. So far, such kind of profiles either had an equal or smaller deepness than opening width. SQ-40/20-20/20-R enables builders and a... Altro

Prodotto • By SALTO SystemsMYLOCK BY SALTO


This innovative tool will allow a complete visualization and customization of an electronicr locking solution. By accessing the web page, the user is able to online select the door lock model to configurate to create their customize door and per... Altro

Prodotto • By SALTO SystemsSALTO Planners Portal - BIM

SALTO Planners Portal - BIM

"SALTO Planners database” is an innovation for SALTO, we will focus more on planners and architect and help them make the specification of design locks easier.SALTO Systems Nordic Project is a new department, focused on architects and other specifier... Altro

Prodotto • By RIBAG LichtAROA


The revolutionary lighting familyAROA is the pure consummation of light and form. Reduced to the essentials and featuring sophisticated details, it solves various lighting tasks with particular elegance. Altro

Prodotto • By Scan UnderlayUnder Screed Insulation for Concrete

Under Screed Insulation for Concrete

Our ACOUSTIC SILENCE under Screed Insulation for Concrete is designed to mount directly over the concrete prior to shaping with a thin layer.The unique combination of high mass and compression of our Rubber-Textile has with its only 3 mm a wide range... Altro

Prodotto • By Much more than a windowOTIIMA FUSION SYSTEM


OTIIMA FUSION SYSTEM is a new sliding window without visible profile.A system that is fully integrated into other materials of the house, as if the window becomes one with the building.OTIIMA FUSION SYSTEM also contains a gutter that can drain a larg... Altro

Prodotto • By Ege CarpetsReForm Artworks

ReForm Artworks

The abstract Expressionist movement in New York of the 1950s had a great influence on the entire art world, and the new ReForm Artworks collection interprets the zeitgeist with self-confident brushstrokes. The multi-dimensional loop structures add a... Altro

Prodotto • By SONAE ARAUCOInnovus Coloured MDF

Innovus Coloured MDF

Innovus Coloured MDF is a decorative, medium density fibreboard panel, through-dyed, which allies colour and versatility to the natural advantages of wood. Skilfully combined, the Innovus Coloured MDF range of colours allows for the development... Altro

Prodotto • By Altuglas InternationalAltuglas® Metallic & Iridescent

Altuglas® Metallic & Iridescent

Altuglas® Metallic offre un gioco di colori che si alternano in densi e semitrasparenti. Le diverse tinte e finiture permettono di ottenere numerose combinazioni. A seconda dell’angolo di osservazione, Altuglas® Iridescent viene inondat... Altro

Prodotto • By JungUSB-Charger


The USB charger provides an output current of up to 2100mA. This current is sufficient to quickly and safely charge mobile devices of the latest generation. The output current is either completely delivered to one USB socket or distributed across bot... Altro