Gli ultimi progetti, prodotti e articoli esclusivi

Prodotto • By VMZINCMake it Yours

Make it Yours

Unique solutions for zinc facades. Beautiful and innovative systems for your building. Custom designed facadeprofiles in zinc. Different depths, special shapes, patterns, embossing of the material and new compositions - everything is possible.Zi... Altro

Prodotto • By SiedleAXIOM


Siedle Axiom: more than a panelSiedle has revisited communication and developed a device that is different: Siedle Axiom. Indoor station, telephone and operating panel in one. Combined within a unique design idiom that makes smart technology part of... Altro

Prodotto • By SiedlePVD coating

PVD coating

Siedle is now additionally offering solid stainless steel door stations with a PVD coating. The physical technique guarantees perfect surfaces with a brilliant colour quality and outstanding mechanical properties.The coating is applied by the process... Altro

Prodotto • By FlosArrangements


Lighting installation consisting of a modular system of geometric elements that can be combined in different ways, creating multiple compositions in individual chandeliers in suspension with a diffuse light emission. All elements of this pendant lumi... Altro

Prodotto • By SALTO SystemsDesign lock Ælement Fusion

Design lock Ælement Fusion

Ælement Fusion is an electronic lock with an extremely small reader accentuated by an interactive light ring. It does not require any fittings on the door and is installed wire-free. The minimalist design of the reader fits harmoniously with any hote... Altro

Prodotto • By GrokInvisible


Its simplicity gives it a unique and bespoke identity. The distinctive, timeless and versatile de­sign makes it adaptable for all areas. It consists of three basic elements: the LED light source, two circular counter­parts that balance each oth­er an... Altro

Prodotto • By Panariagroup Industrie CeramicheVENTILATED WALL SYSTEM FOR CERAMIC SLABS


The new solution for ventilated facades proposed by Panariagroup combines two strong points:• the anchoring system for the slabs, which is entirely mechanical and completely hidden • the size of the ceramic slabs, which can reach a maximum of 10... Altro

Prodotto • By Louis PoulsenLP Slim Round

LP Slim Round

Louis Poulsen’s new LP Slim Round Series offers a crisp, geometric and versatile solution for modern interiorLouis Poulsen is pleased to present the LP Slim Round family of circular luminaires, whose distinctive, slim design ensures a consistent visu... Altro

Prodotto • By Agrob BuchtalStreetlife


Facade ceramics offered by Agrob Buchtal set individual highlights. Accordingly, the new Streetlife facade elements reinterpret asphalt as a familiar building material with all of its characteristics: grainy textures, minor irregularities and fissure... Altro

Prodotto • By MarazziGrande


Grande is a new large-size Marazzi project developed to explore new frontiers of porcelain stoneware surfaces and to expand design and customisation possibilities with an incredibly versatile, resistant and light material.Large size, 6 millimetres th... Altro

Prodotto • By RECKLI GmbhRECKLI 2/117 Ripple 5-fold

RECKLI 2/117 Ripple 5-fold

The product 2/117 Ripple 5-fold is an elastic formliner. Elastic and reusable formliners guarantee an individual and economically efficient structuring of concrete. The formliner can be easily fixed onto a formwork which simplifies handling the patte... Altro

Prodotto • By MillikenColour Compositions

Colour Compositions

Colour Compositions is a collection of carpet planks that gives the designer the ability to create their own creative compositions on the floor. Offered in 75 colour options, Colour Compositions is produced using Econyl 100% regenerated yarn and is o... Altro

Prodotto • By CosentinoDekton Industrial

Dekton Industrial

Dekton’s Industrial series was created to pay tribute to the beautiful imperfections of the metals and stone in all their different stages of ageing. Organic processes that are reflected in the richness and complexity of oxidation and the authen... Altro

Prodotto • By Tarkett LtdID MIXONOMI

iD Mixonomi

La nuova collezione iD Mixonomi di Tarkett è stata presentata in anteprima all'ultima edizione Euroshop 2017. Pensata e sviluppata principalmente per architetti e designer, iD Mixonomi è una collezione di pavimenti vinilici modulari, con posa glue-d... Altro


Ceppo di Gré

Marazzi, brand universalmente riconosciuto come sinonimo di ceramica di qualità per pavimenti e rivestimenti e simbolo del miglior made in Italy, presenta Mystone Ceppo di Grè, il nuovo gres porcellanato effetto pietra che reinterpreta la roccia sed... Altro