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Prodotto • By HUDEVAD RADIATORSHudevad Mundum

Hudevad Mundum

Hudevad Mundum is a state-of-the-art easy to clean radiator. This flat fronted panel radiator is the quintessence of modern radiator design. It is completely sealed against the wall, so that no dust or dirt can be deposited in hard-to-reach openings... Altro

Prodotto • By HUDEVAD RADIATORSHudevad Lignum

Hudevad Lignum

Hudevad Lignum is the most innovative, hygienic radiator on the market. This radiator can be completely built into other building elements like flooring or window reveals for an almost invisible appearance. The integrated design has no surfaces, open... Altro

Prodotto • By Dekodur GmbH & Co.KGdeko FireSafe(R)

deko FireSafe(R)

Deko FireSafe® is a patented and certified non-flammable laminate that meets all requirements of international fire protection. This non-combustible laminate also meets the highest demands in terms of use, design and aesthetics. As a system in co... Altro

Prodotto • By ARBONYAged chevron parquet flooring

Aged chevron parquet flooring

Typical of the old Haussmann-style apartments in Paris, the Chevron type of parquet flooring, also called Hungarian Point, features a pointed pattern. The ends of the planks are cut at 45 degrees. This classic pattern gives interiors style and unusua... Altro



LINIT U-glass is a unique glazing product, which gives Architects great possibilities in Terms of design. Due to its U-shape glass facades with a maximum share of glass and a minimum of frame (lengths up to 7m!) can be realized. Through constant inno... Altro

Prodotto • By CosentinoN-Boost by Silestone

N-Boost by Silestone

Cosentino is proud to introduce N-Boost, its new technology for Silestone surfaces. The outstanding qualities of Silestone surfaces would compliment any interior design, and are further enhanced by the innovative N-Boost manufacture technology... Altro

Prodotto • By AmticoCIRRO


Cirro combines resilience and beauty with exceptional performance and low environmental impact. Comfortable under foot and highly resistant to wear, it also meets strict health and well-being standards. Altro

Prodotto • By AxorAXOR UNO


Purism. In perfection. AXOR One represents the purism of which it proposes the aesthetic coherence. The tube, the oldest means of channeling water, gives the collection an essential and elegant style: from the sink to the shower and the tub. AXOR One... Altro

Prodotto • By mafi natural wood floorsCARVING LIPSO I

Carving Lipso I

Carving, una straordinaria simbiosi tra la struttura naturale del legno e una varietà di design grafici. L'innovativa tecnologia Carving ci consente di incidere design classici, retrò moderni o contemporanei su superfici in legno rifinito con olio n... Altro



LINEA 3D RANGEINTERIORA graphic effect that plays with volume, rhythm and light.The new LINEA 3D range is an architectural paneling solution made up of openwork solid wood slats for the interior covering of walls and suspended ceilings.Created with a... Altro

Prodotto • By Villeroy & Boch AGVICLEAN-I 100

ViClean-I 100

ViClean-I 100 definisce un nuovo standard di design per i WC a doccetta. Grazie al design rivoluzionario, l’intera tecnologia viene integrata per la prima volta nella ceramica: in questo modo dall’esterno il WC non sarà riconoscibile come sedile elet... Altro

Prodotto • By PREFA GmbHSiding.X - PREFA façade element

Siding.X - PREFA façade element

Prefa aluminium facade siding.x are façade elements used for non-bearing, rear-ventilated façades. They can be used as exterior and interior options for wall and ceiling cladding. The start and end profiles ensure secure installation - whether slopin... Altro

Prodotto • By Forbo Flooring SystemsMarmoleum Cocoa

Marmoleum Cocoa

Cocoa beans make the difference: The new development “Marmoleum Cocoa” by Forbo Flooring is manufactured by the traditional linoleum recipe, but also contains an additional 5 % hackled cocoa bean shells, a waste product of the cocoa industry. These i... Altro

Prodotto • By ARBONYCampagne


This is our range of brushed flooring which is, via a unique, self-developed method, cooked and then brushed to recreate the feeling of a floor that has been walked on for hundreds of years.Thus recreating the nonuniform effect and the charm of deepe... Altro

Prodotto • By panoramah!®ah!60


ah!60 is a groundbreaking exterior opening system with unmatched thermal and acoustic performance (up to Minergie-P® and Passiv-Housing), ideal for very cold climates. It also stands out as an intrusion prevention solution for high demanding security... Altro