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Progetto • By CeilumeChiese

Blue Ridge Community Church Renovation

The stage design team of Blue Ridge Community Church in Forest, VA is always looking for new ideas, particularly materials that work well with light. A group of volunteers with a flair for construction, they create innovative stage backdrops every 6-12 months under the leadership of Andrew Hunt, Elder and Technical Arts Pastor. One of the most successful was a luminous wall made of a translucent thermoformed ceiling panels. When one of the team members discovered Ceilume’s Transluminous panels online, an idea began to form: What if we hung translucent ceiling panels vertically, to form a wall lit from behind?   They found black T-bar ceiling suspension grid at a local supplier, and hung lengths of it vertically. The lightweight... Altro

Progetto • By I-Beam DesignCentri di Distribuzione

Stellae International Headquarters

Two new 50,000 sf pre-engineered warehouses were designed to flank an existing 150,000 sf corporate office building that was converted into a luxury fashion logistics headquarters for Stellae International. Carl Daguillard Caption The new warehouses, clad with MBCI metal wall panels and punctured with bands of polycarbonate sheets allow diffused light into the 33' high spaces. The angled and cantilevered front facades provide a canopy above the recessed translucent walls, while framing them with red ribboning panels that further accentuate the entry facades which glow at night creating a dramatic presence on this nearly 13 acre site. Stellae International Inc., is a luxury goods and fashion logistics company based in Melville, N... Altro

Progetto • By Studio EirajiPadiglioni

Puerto Orchid Pavilion

Iranian-Turkish practice-studio, Studio Eiraji, has finished its latest proposal for Orchid Pavilion at Casa Wabi, Puerto, Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.  This international design competition was set to select the best design for a pavilion design which contains all needed details of the place. Principal Architect Javad Eiraji and design manager Ali Judaki with their young-architects team tried to use simplicity and vernacular materials and design thinking method in design process of this project. Caption  Paying Attention to the main function of the project, a pavilion for the growing of many different species of orchids in the Oaxaca coast and also including a space for an educational program on these species, caused this p... Altro

Progetto • By derksen|windt architectenAlloggio

A striking wooden house

Near the South Holland dunes a special house has been realized, which consists of a visible structure of laminated wooden columns, beams and floors. This structure is filled in with an open or closed filling; open with sun and view oriented sliding doors, closed with vertical larch parts. The wooden construction is visible inside and out, so that the rhythm of the structure can be felt throughout the house. All this according to a size ratio that has been worked out in detail, so that special and warm spaces have been created for the clients both inside and outside.  rené de wit The clients managed to buy a beautiful plot on a small lane near the dunes in Monster. Everything was still open, from the location of the house o... Altro

Progetto • By Studio ZungAlloggi Privati

Atelier 211

Atelier 211 is an ocean view, modern A-Frame beach residence nestled within Atlantic Beach and Amagansett Lanes. Custom-fit, 4,150 square foot, six bedroom, and six and a half bath residence in Amagansett; Atelier 211 is carefully considered with a fully furnished elective. The residence features a custom designed chef’s kitchen, serene wellness spa featuring a separate sauna and steam room. The lounge and deck overlook a heated saline pool surrounded by tiered grass patios and ocean views. Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut   Altro

Progetto • By line+Centri Rspositivi

Taishanyou Visitor Center

"Located on the east wing of Mount Tai, Taishanyou echoes the 'Cloud of Hometown' on the west wing. The visitor center is one of the important spatial nodes, and the terrain is low. I hope the building can face the continuous extension of Mount Tai in a circling way, so that it is not only a place to look at Mount Tai, but also a scene integrated with Mount Tai."—— Fanhao Meng Caption Taishanyou International Ecotourism Resort is another practice of line+ going deep into the hinterland of Mount Tai after the project of Jiunvfeng • Cloud of Hometown. The visitor center is located at the south end of the resort, connected with the main entrance. With a wide vision and surrounded by mountains and rivers, you can see the... Altro

Progetto • By KS arquitetosAlloggi Privati


The concept of Mirador House arises from the idea of a house that floats at the level of the top of the surrounding trees. The two main volumes, as well as the catwalk that connects them, fly over the lot creating large covered patios. The original topography of the land has been preserved to the full and the house barely touches the ground. Caption Caption Under the residence there is a rough concrete ramp path that smoothly changes direction. Surrounded by greenery, it overcomes the difference in level of more than a 100 feet between the sidewalk and the end of the batch. This rout leads first to the atrium, a large space under the social area which unveils an incredible view, and from there it is possible to access the house o... Altro

Progetto • By BDPHotel

Wren Urban Nest

The newly opened Wren Urban Nest, based in the heart of Dublin, is a 137-room, nine floor hotel designed and built using the most advanced carbon reduction technologies, making it one of Europe’s most sustainable hotels in a major city centre.     Eliminating the need for fossil fuels, the building uses 100% renewable energy and is the first hotel in Ireland to comply with the World Green Building Council’s definition of ‘Net Zero Operational Carbon’, without having to purchase carbon offsets. Caption With architectural, civil and structural and mechanical and electrical engineering design from interdisciplinary practice, BDP, the team has taken a number of steps to set the agenda and exceed ‘N... Altro

Progetto • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciAlloggi Privati


House K is one of our projects that had waited the longest for its construction. We started working on it in 2012, yet the house has just been finished in 2021.  Piotr Krajewski In the meantime, the project and the construction have encountered some adventures. The original concept assumed that the building would be part of a larger complex, which was intended to be a multigenerational family residence. Later the client has decided to move her house to another, much more attractive location. When we started working on the necessary adjustments to the project, the site had a virgin appearance, partly overgrown with a forest, gently sloping into the valley of a nearby river. When the house was finally completed, the neighborhood be... Altro

Progetto • By SpectrumAlloggi Privati

Private house - Lisi

The house perfectly blends with the given context, is tailored to the terrain and aims to create a comfortable environment taking into account the needs of a modern family and their lifestyle. Caption The large, stained glass windows and open staircase provide maximum inflow of natural light into the interior and at the same time allow to enjoy the views of Lisi Lake. Wide terraces are designed to make staying in the fresh air more comfortable. Caption Strict, straight lines and geometrical shapes of the architecture create a modern ambience, that in combination with natural decorative materials sets the ground for cosy, comfortable living. Caption The house takes advantage of the basement where are distributed different... Altro

Progetto • By ODA ArchitectureAppartamenti

212 West 93rd

“If I were to describe 212 West 93rd Street in one word it would be: seamless. It was incredibly exciting for me to work on a project that called for so much equilibrium – between new and old, indoors and outdoors, luxury and functionality,” said Eran Chen, founding principal and CEO of ODA. “With the launch of sales, I am excited for New Yorkers to discover this unique property that lends a new perspective on living on the Upper West Side.”  Altro
Schematic Drawing Plan

Progetto • By HabibiearsScuole Secondarie

Minimalist Mini School (MMS)

Tahfizh House Design for the umpteenth time.. ^^Because it seems that many are looking for ideas.This is a habibiears concept for those who want to start a tahfizh house on a limited area of 6x15 m with 2 simple floors..Includes one office plus enclosed space on the 1st floorMusyrif's house/office room on the 1st floorWudhu and toilet area on the 1st floorAs well as one large semi-open classroom on the 2nd floor.The minimalist front facade at the same time covers the simple roof at the back.The roof covering can be asbestos, spandex, zinc sheet, or fiber. According to the budget and needs and thermal conditions.The roof frame can also be created with hollow iron or mild steel canals. Once again according to the budget and desired conditions... Altro

Progetto • By depaolidefranceschibaldan architettiAlloggi Privati


An urban residence with an austere appearance, it dialogues with its densely built-up surroundings in a rough and selective way. Situated on a corner lot, it is on two levels organised around a central patio facing south, which brings natural light into all the main relational spaces. Alessandra Bello Fotografa It could be described as a house with two souls. Villa MM only shows its true kaleidoscopic essence once the visitor has crossed the solid sandblasted concrete curtain wall that forms its base. This opens up externally at the large telescope along the north front, giving a glimpse of the interior spaces. Alessandra Bello Fotografa It is surmounted by a monolithic volume of walnut travertine surgically sectioned with flar... Altro

Progetto • By ARCHFORMAlloggi Privati


Modern living room with worm accents. You have a lot of space for creativity. Contemporary kitchen with pocket doors. In the master bedroom  you'l get a luxury and cozy atmosphere. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Altro

Progetto • By AllesWirdGutRurale

FSF – Sports And Leisure Center

20 years after their village center project, AllesWirdGut now completed another gem of communal architecture in the village of Fließ in Tyrol. Within walking distance from the school and the village center, a mountain arena was built for the local soccer club, which includes a tournament and a training pitch, a grandstand, swimming pool, track-and-field, tennis, and trend sports facilities as well as an identity-establishing landmark clubhouse. (c) AllesWirdGut/ tschinkersten fotografie, 2021 The topography and the shape of the site called for sensitive interventions and a sparing use of existing developable areas. Suspended horizontal planes — the leitmotif of the design — were placed on and above and off the edges... Altro