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Progetto • By Studio 360Uffici


From the need to modernize the space occupied by the department of pre-university attention of the Anáhuac Mayab University, a much more flexible and dynamic work model, in accordance with the changes that this department has undergone in recent years. In order to reflect the culture of innovation of the institution, a concept was created that projects an attractive and representative work dynamic; able to guide and receive future students.  The first step of the process was to clean the space of all non-essential elements leaving only the structural supports, this will improve the architectural program in a flexible way, but at the same time respecting the compositional axes of the building.  The architectural program meet... Altro

Progetto • By PSCultureMostre

The Poet and the Lady

The project team:Julia NapolovaEkaterina Davydenkova   The story of true friendship: a Russian poet and the First Lady, Andrei Voznesensky and Jacqueline Kennedy «The Poet and the Lady» are Andrei Voznesensky and Jacqueline Kennedy, the living icons of their time. They remained faithful friends, even when their friendship seemed impossible. The very time they lived in was against their connection: the relations between the United States and the USSR were at a fever pitch. But the friendship between Andrei and Jacqueline kept uniting two yet so different worlds together. It all starts with the first impression. The gigantic video installation greets the visitors: it unites private photos of Kennedy and Voznesensky with h... Altro

Progetto • By MAHDI MARABEAppartamenti


A small Site, 200 sqm, a relatively crowded neighborhood, houses are close to each other. Our challenge, the client asked for a house with lots of day light and at the same time with a sense of privacy. The house features a garden floor for guests and familly, The first floor contains a living space and main kitchen. the second floor intended for bedrooms, And the penthouse  floor for parents including a private balcony and swimming pool.  We created a Patio to allow day light  into all the spaces, especially because the neighbors houses are close By, The exterior Facade and light-openings "placement game" allow privacy, and  natural day light  from all three Facades at the same time.  Altro

Progetto • By Studio 360Alloggio


Arcadia is a residential development designed to create a community where the 72 housing units are grouped around shared areas in direct contact with nature where the inhabitants are encouraged to get to know each other and generate common experiences. Arcadia's architecture is based on open spaces, from the conception of the complex where the transition from the intimate and private to the social and public is achieved through subtle elements of vegetation to the internal distribution of the housing units where the spaces are they perceive wide and open to the views towards the parks. Arcadia has an extensive program of amenities designed to improve the living experience within the complex; At the heart of the project is the central park... Altro

Progetto • By EvenbeeldScuole Primarie

Expansion Onze-Lieve-Vrouwecollege Antwerp

The demolition of the existing school building on the site of the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwecollege on the Frankrijklei and its replacement by a new building should provide an answer to the demand for additional school infrastructure on the site, created by extra traffic through the creation of a kindergarten on the one hand and by the relocation of the humanities of 'De Dames' to the site of the college in 2018 on the other. The existing L-building on Louiza-Marialei, designed by Rie Haan in the 1960s, has not been in use for several years. This is due to the poor constructional and physical properties of the building. Taking into account the poor condition and the small size of the classrooms, the Onze – Lieve – Vrouwecollege decided... Altro

Progetto • By Oliver Christen ArchitektenAlloggi Privati

Ferienhaus Aulina

L'edificio, situato esattamente sul sito, si trova ai piedi del pendio dell'altura topografica dell'Aulinakopf e si trova ai piedi di un altopiano. Da uno degli ultimi edifici dell'insediamento sparso, la vista quasi illimitata si estende fino al lago Walen e al Churfirsten.   L'edificio sostitutivo compatto con soli 53 m2 di superficie abitabile è concepito come uno scrigno. Si integra perfettamente nel paesaggio. Dall'esterno, l'edificio in legno si presenta con un rivestimento di facciata elaborato e dettagliato con casseforme verticali. Questo ha diverse profondità e conferisce alla facciata una delicatezza ludica. La casa è caratterizzata da diverse facce. Così, quando è abbandonata, appare spa... Altro

Progetto • By Phaedrus StudioNegozi


While designed for a specific client and a site with opportune zoning and planning, Hi-Lo Hybrid tackles a prevailing narrow lot condition along Toronto's main streets. Despite the demand for increased density and housing options on these existing transit and mixed-use corridors, they remain largely underdeveloped, including an estimated 250km composed of existing single-family homes reinforced by low-rise residential zoning and planning. Outdated zoning and current planning policies limit the range of infill opportunities, driving homogenous stacked townhouse forms, as well as outsized mid-rise developments and retail spaces requiring long term lot assembly. Over time these development models become further entrenched. Hi-Lo Hybrid demonst... Altro

Progetto • By Marina Rechter - ReMa architectsUffici

Sela logistics

In the Sela Logistics Group, a long-standing and leading company in the field of logistics solutions, it was decided to renew the design of the group’s offices, and to design a space that will emphasize the group’s identity and the character and values ​​the group strives for. The space encourages a productive, young and lively work environment. The design language combines the same modern innovation by using containers and simple materials that characterize the foundation of the company in color and form. However the design was greatly influenced by the same old and traditional identity of the company. The same inspirations have been uniquely combined together for an elegant, aesthetic and meticulous work environment.Design: R... Altro

Progetto • By Office ZHURurale

Chuanzihe Village Renovation

Chuanzihe Village Renovation: Designed by Office ZHU   Chuanzihe Cave Dwellings is located at Shanxi Province, in between two large historic cities: Xi'an & Yan'an. The site used to be a village and now is abandoned. Chuanzihe is surrounded by different tourists attractions, such as Huangdi Mausoleum, Fudi Lake, and National Park. The beautiful landscape and natural resource are the significant characters of the site. These also makes this region as the ideal vacation spot. To reuse the exiting caves in a smart way and renovate it into a hotel are the targets of this project. Besides, to design a cozy suite for the tourists, to create a mood board that fits in the context, are also challenges for us. Due to the limited exi... Altro

Progetto • By MIKAMI ArchitectsBiblioteche

Tonami Public Library

It is a public library located in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture.   The spectacular scenery of the quiet Tonami Plain is unparalleled. The panorama of the scattered villages, which was once the food basket of the Kaga domain, has been passed down from ancient times as a beautiful idyllic landscape. The reason is the dignity of the locals, who have both rationality and a rich spirit, and have evolved into a traditional wooden farmhouse called Azumachi. With that image in mind, I came up with the concept of an "open plan library under a big roof" facing the main street that runs through the city.   We wanted the roof with scale and gentle rolls to be a new landmark in Tonami. It is a modern interpretation of Azumadachi and is al... Altro

Progetto • By MIKAMI ArchitectsBiblioteche

Librio Yukuhashi Library

It is a complex facility centered on a library located in Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture. When building public architecture, especially in a  rural region, we believe that the utmost importance is to create a building that is only possible there. By drawing upon the historical context of an area, we want to create meaning  of the architecture to situate in the area.    A Town Called Yukuhashi [行橋] Yukuhashi City, in Fukuoka Prefecture, is located about 25 kilometers South-Southeast of Kitakyūshū City. It is a central city of the Keichiku Region with a population of roughly 70,000 people and, in recent years, has become a commuter town for those working in Kitakyūshū City. The name “Yukuhashi” comes fr... Altro

Progetto • By CSMM - architecture mattersUffici

EVERCORE Group Omniturm

The new office space on the 41st floor of the currently most modern high-rise building "Omniturm" in Frankfurt am Main offers the globally active investment banking firm Evercore Partners INC. not only a new representative position in the financial metropolis, but also a pleasant working atmosphere. The smooth and regular change of the single offices and open-space officerooms creates a dynamically exciting feeling of space for the viewer. The employee and client lounges, which are located on one axis, are of high quality in design and execution. On the whole, the design is kept very calm and is suitable for the new face of the company.   Building Architect: BIG architects Altro

Progetto • By Dushe Architectural DesignHotel

Hilton Chengdu Xiexin Hotel

In January 2019, Hilton Chengdu Xiexin Hotel officially opened. Like all the works that require patience and meticulous polishing, this project, which lasted seven years from design to construction, is also the first project of Dushe Design. It's late, but it's worth the wait. Xiexin Hilton Hotel is part of Xiexin Center Project and is located in the east section of the second ring road in Chengdu. This is a 220,000-square-meter urban integrated community including Grade A office buildings, hotels, commercial and residential buildings. The hotel is the most challenging part.     The most efficient Hilton standard hotel (30,000 square meters with 296 key rooms) Since the hotel is the last phase of the project construction, in add... Altro

Progetto • By ArquidUffici

DOW Antwerp

New offices and showroom for DOW in Antwerp   Design and execution of new offices and showroom for Dow in Antwerp. This new space might be located in an empty floor of an existing offices building with a traditional structure, which was to be kept, but without letting this impact the project from getting an unique character.   The aim of the project was to promote a collaborative atmosphere that could communicate the values of the company. Meeting rooms, open work spaces and the integrated furniture were designed so people could work together. The arena, located right in the centre of the space, settles as the project heart and as the main sample of the democratic architecture provided by the company.   Based on Dow&rsq... Altro

Progetto • By GentonStrutture di Ricerca

Ford Asia Pacific Product Development Centre

A one-of-a-kind facility in Australasia, leading Australian architecture firm ​Genton​’s design for the Ford Asia Pacific Product Development Centre project — delivered in collaboration with ​Cachet Group ​— fuses the client’s requirements for abundant natural light and privacy, delivering a minimal, state-of-the-art sanctuary designed to inspire creative thinking.  “This project was unique in that each of the spaces had to be suitable for both human and vehicle scale, allowing for easy movement of the cars through the spaces while staff work in and around those spaces,” says Genton Principal Marc Debney.  A space in which cars are designed from concept to prototype, Genton’s approach to... Altro