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Progetto • By Paco Lago InteriorizaBar


In the beginning, Palo Cortado was located on the east side town. After its closure, many malagueños and tourists, were left without a signature gastronomic experience in Malaga. An investment groups specialized in the restaurant-hospitality sector made the intelligent decision to bet on its reopening. This was not a small undertaking. It was vital to recover the restaurant’s glorious past, preserve the brand and offer a creative experience for a location as emblematic as the neighboring Malaga Cathedral itself. The concept idea " was to combine a tour through three well-defined spaces: - The entrance is framed in a traditional market, designed with a trompe l'oeil of boxes of fish made in marble and a grocery or grocery st... Altro

Progetto • By IndustryPlusNegozi

Caffe Fernet

Ebisu design by Jun Yasumoto for IndustryPlus was inspired by the traditional Japanese soba shops he used to frequent while in Japan. Strong and compact, the collection of chairs, mid- and high- stools feature a low backrest that provides just enough support for the casual diner. Its outdoor-suitable perforated aluminium seatpan is also available in solid wood or upholstered finish. Altro

Progetto • By Futuris ArchitectsBar

All Eyes on Me

                        All Eyes On Me is a modern, 90s-inspired cafe that is built around the lifestyle, phrases and image of the American rapper Tupac Shakur.                        Retrieving its name from the rapper’s song, the cafe had to offer more than just food. We recreated the atmosphere of the times, representing a mix of the 90s rap vibe and modern hip-hop culture.                        Knowing the love people have for neon, we made the interior dark enough for the lights to be even more visible.             &nbs... Altro

Progetto • By Golucci Interior ArchitectsRistoranti

Quanjude Peking Duck Vancouver by Golucci

Quanjude Peking Duck was founded in 1864, and is undoubtedly one of the most important restaurants in Beijing China. The designer try to use the Quanjude brand's own heritage and cultural to transform the theme concept of the restaurant space, and refresh the century-old brand name in Vancouver, Canada.   To face this century-old brand, design team are reluctant to give a contemporary concept, and they are even more reluctant to make a Qing dynasty palace replica of a red lantern.   The creative idea originated from the story left after a hundred years of exploring Quanjude. In the story, many traditional folk customs in Beijing also became the source of design creativity.   Theme of idea comes from the traditional Chin... Altro

Progetto • By móveis brumBar

Botequim Sapucaí

Sapucaí Street, where the project is located, is part of the historical and cultural center of Belo Horizonte, with a privileged view of the iconic Santa Tereza viaduct, Municipal Park and Belo Horizonte Central Station.  With a strong tendency to be a gastronomic center, the project brought as demand a sophisticated atmosphere who dialogues with the street.    The property was found in precarious state of conservation, with water infiltrations in walls and ceiling, alteration in the original tile floor, damages in the electric and plumbing systems and a wooden mezzanine with a ceiling height of 1.70cm.    Firstly, it was decided to redo all electric system through electrodes and conduits to allow greate... Altro

Progetto • By SuvinilRistoranti

Panorama Pizzaria

Located in a second storey of a 50's old building, in the heart of Belo Horizonte downtown, the project of Alfredo Lanna & Mateus Castilho aim the dialogue with modern and the art deco style. Altought the entrance by a stair, one of the challenges of the project, the convidative atmosphere was designed trought street posters of city motifs made by a local artist. the original ambients was maintened and all the wooden and tile floor was recovered. The dining and living room closets was tranformed in the wine cellar, made by an market's old roller shutter. To bring the idea of protection, lightness and visibility, was used metal lath in the bar, balcony, wall coverings and ceiling lamp.  All the costumers places, specially the inn... Altro

Progetto • By Sundukovy Sisters studioRistoranti

Community Restaurant

The Gold Key Award as the Best Casual Dining 2018 Task To create an interior for a new concept of a location that used to be a club. To combine the various zones – a theater, a restaurant, a tea room, a bar, and a room for master classes – into a balanced single multi-functional space. ChallengesIt was necessary to include objets d’art in the interior, and to come up with a way to combine all the zones. Moreover, Community is located in the building of the State University for Design and Technology. Having such a creative neighbor also sets a vector of its own: it was important for us to surprise and inspire the guests, many of whom are somehow connected to the world of design. IdeaWe brought the various zones together... Altro

Progetto • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesBar

Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit

Architect:            McIntosh Poris Associates                Michael Poris, AIA, Principal Laurie Hughet-Hiller, AIA, Associate/Project Manager Charles Heid, AIA, Architect Jennifer Bueso, Interior Designer   Client:                  Kid Rock and Delaware North   Owner:                Olympia Development   Size:                     5,600 square feet; one floor   Site Little Caesars Arena is the centerpiece of The District Detroit, a 50-block, mixed-use area that includes eight theaters, three professional... Altro

Progetto • By VitaleRistoranti


The corporate interior design project carried out by Vitale begins with establishing aglobal communication strategy that is synthesized under the axis "consciouscooking". According to this, all the elements and settings of the brand are designed,from the name to the design of the brand and the interior design.L´Horta is a restaurant with a sustainable vocation that is based on the three basicpillars of the common good: the product, the environment and society. The culinaryoffer (whose speciality is pizza) is based on a clear commitment to healthy eatingand responsible consumption that offers fresh, seasonal and local products. With apresentation prepared to be tasted without haste in a natural environment where thecolors, finishes and... Altro

Progetto • By lamatildeBar


Il nuovo locale food & wine Guarini, che in via Guarini si trova, deve il proprio nome a questa coincidenza: principale ispirazione del progetto, specialmente nei suoi aspetti più decorativi, diventa un omaggio divertito all’architetto simbolo del barocco torinese.Nella cornice di pareti in laterizio, colori e materiali definiscono gli spazi del Guarini: se nella zona del bancone prevale lo scuro del viroc, scaldato da dettagli in legno fraké, nella sala, invece, attraverso un gioco di ribaltamento tra viroc e legno, l’ambiente si schiarisce. Qui, a dominare la scena, la grande cupola in alluminio, sospesa sui tavoli più vicini alle vetrine: con un diametro di 4 m, è la prima di due installazioni... Altro

Progetto • By Arturo InteriorsRistoranti

Gokul Restaurant

The Gokul restaurant is part of Anurag hotel Pvt ltd, located at heart of the city of Rourkela city, Orissa, India. The Hotel is very well known for the service and overwhelming response by the customer comes from different location day to day.  The Gokul restaurant is fine dinning restaurant which includes the recipes from south Indian, continental, and Indian dishes.The concept of Gokul developed by the principal interior designer Iqbal Azam owner of Arturo Interiors, Kolkata, India, as the names Gokul suggest the feel of earthy Indian flavor. The designer chooses the theme for lotus shape for the interior design in term of highlighter. Arturo interiors is very well known designer firm from Kolkata, west Bengal.It was very difficult... Altro

Progetto • By Saniya Kantawala DesignBar


The concept of Esora started as a scribble, commemorating the phenomenal quote from the architect, Zaha Hadid, “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” Confined to a rigid rectangular space, the design could have followed a simple and conventional approach. But, instead, the design philosophy that was concluded deviates to a more atypical idea of spatial planning. A certain sense of engagement has been worked upon to induce within the rigid space and convert it into a more organic and fluid perception, subtle in terms of circulation. The interior, designed with a radial scheme, has two focal points, between which the patrons find a traditional design of an arched door frame with transparent glazing, just like any other common rest... Altro

Progetto • By Modular Lighting InstrumentsRistoranti

De Boschvijver

De Boschvijver is an unbended restaurant located in the middle of a breathtaking forest. The circular shape of the building refer to the shape of the trees and was furnished with Modular's best selling Duell. This fixture (just as the others) creates a beautiful atmosphere at night and highlights the distinctive walls.  While surface lighting was used in the dining area, linear lighting was used in the meeting room to increase productivitity.    Products used: Lotis tubed Duell SL mini Split   Architect: Maas Architecten Photography: Matthijs van Roon   Altro

Progetto • By YUDIN DesignRistoranti


The new family restaurant interior realized by the Ukrainian designers Aleksandr and Vladimir Yudin, from the studio YUDIN Design. The designers, inspired by the Italian region Calabria, the Japanese folding fan and the citrus slices, in addition to the interior design, created also the brand identity and concept of the restaurant, from the logo to all the exclusive elements in the interior, thanks also to the support of their workshop YUDIN Product.  Altro

Progetto • By SkB ArchitectsRistoranti

Wild Ginger - Denny Triangle

Wild Ginger’s new Denny Triangle location builds upon the look and feel that SkB Architects developed for the recently completed Wild Ginger at Lincoln Square in Bellevue, Washington (USA). The design captures an aesthetic that merges Asian-inspired cultural influences with contemporary design to create an elegant, yet casually sophisticated setting for the celebration of food and friends. At roughly 4,600-square-feet, the Denny Triangle location seats 140 in a mix of formal dining, exhibition dining, and bar seating. The restaurant is the third full-service Wild Ginger, which first opened in downtown Seattle in 1989.For Denny Triangle, the design continues the evolution of the rest­aurant’s brand, taking advantage of the large volume to ca... Altro