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NotizieNotizie • 22 lug 2021

Kengo Kuma adds chain clad staircase to Gaudí’s Casa Batlló

Just like Gaudí’s 1906 masterpiece Casa Batlló is a tribute to the light of the Mediterranean and inspired by Gaudí’s famous chain models, Kengo Kuma created a staircase using 164,000 meters of chain.  Jordi Anguera As a part of the new 2000 square meters Casa Batlló Experience, Kuma was asked to design the staircase. The architect dresses the stairs in aluminium curtains which catch the light as if they were fishing nets. According to the architect they play with light through brightness, silhouettes and shadows. Jordi Anguera Lighter shades of Kriskadecor aluminium chains are used at the top at roof level and level by level they darken to the coal bunker bottom level reaching black... Altro

Progetto • By KriskadecorCentri Commerciali

Hilltown AVM

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the Hilltown Mall, neoclassical style, receives an average of 15 million visitors a year.Next to one of the escalators, we find a design solution made with Kriskadecor anodized aluminum links.The image, reproduced in high definition, symbolizes a tree of life and includes a frame that cuts the chains to reveal a large television screen.Design: Pro-Ge. Photos by Gürkan Akay. Altro

Progetto • By KriskadecorRistoranti

99 Sushi Bar Ponzano

In Madrid's fashionable gastronomic street, you will find 99 Sushi Bar, a Japanese haute cuisine franchise restaurant of Grupo Empresarial Bambú.The restaurant stands out both for its quality cuisine and for a balanced, serene and innovative design, full of references to the exotic Japanese culture, which gives great importance to natural elements.Among the many details, our 10 space dividers in anodized aluminium stand out in an elegant satin gold that efficiently segment the different corners in a translucent way.Photos by Nines Mínguez Altro