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Progetto • By Flussocreativo Design StudioAlloggi Privati


Il fattore verde. Un filo conduttore cromatico che delinea l’estetica dell’appartamento, ma anche una scelta coerente di sostenibilità ambientale per uno spirito total green. Cristina Galliena Bohman Cristina Galliena Bohman VERVE è stato realizzato all’interno di una palazzina di tre livelli di recente costruzione in un piccolo centro nel Bresciano. Il committente è un giovane proprietario abitante al secondo piano, il quale vede rispecchiarsi nella realizzazione dell’opera anche la sua personalità, la passione sportiva e l’amore per la Natura. Il gusto che caratterizza gli interni si stempera nel dettaglio decorativo eclettico, dove il verde, presente con le sue diverse... Altro

Progetto • By DUDES architectsUffici

Office Say Games

DUDES architects team presents a new minimalistic office space project for SayGamaes company. The project with a total area of 240 sq.m. is located in a small office building in Minsk on the 4th floor.  The main task was to create a cozy office with a home-like atmosphere.  Rejection of the open space planning and creation of small cozy spaces, which are integrated into the general central zone by means of big stained-glass windows, became the main theme for the office concept development. Caption The common area of the office is joined by a podium work space. The common space with an integrated kitchen conceals a staircase which leads up to the podium and creates a clean composition of simple forms. The common open space is... Altro

Progetto • By AngoPaesaggio Residenziale

Ango Home Studio

L'edificio dello studio di casa Ango nel quartiere Ari di Bangkok è stato progettato dall'architetto / designer capo di Ango Angus Hutcheson. La sede funge da sede di Ango dove si svolgono brainstorming, processi sperimentali e test, oltre a fungere anche da spazio residenziale per vivere. @kitchen magazine L'edificio fa molto riferimento ai valori di Ango di creare progetti di illuminazione con purezza e veridicità e abbraccia l'uso della luce naturale, degli spazi aperti e della ventilazione naturale incrociata. Il giardino anteriore è al centro con quasi tutti gli spazi che si aprono direttamente o si affacciano su di esso, e le aree principali all'interno dell'edificio sono il giardino anteriore, la cucina e l... Altro

Progetto • By NK ArchitectsAlloggi Privati

Interior of a private house near Kiev

 The scenario of behavior and habits of the owner - determined the position of absolutely all things in the house. With great gratitude to the Customer and his thoughtful attitude to the process, we implemented this object. Not a large house in the cottage suburbs of Kiev - it was built about 7 years ago, but was not finished, and its basic condition before the "finish" managed to grow very much obsolete. Over the past year, the object has experienced a complete reincarnation. Sergey Polyushko The house has become not just a country dwelling, but first of all a place for inspiration and contemplation. There are no extra things, expensive furniture and branded brands. The greatest advantage of the house the owner considered the... Altro

Progetto • By BÜRO KLKRistoranti

Café Bellaria

Prominently situated, between Museumsquartier, Volkstheater and Ringstraße, Vienna’s Café Bellaria has been considered a meeting point for coffee lovers, gourmands and bon vivants since 1870. David Schreyer The renovation of the Wilhelminian style venue by BURO KLK preserves the historical architecture, creating an authentic relationshipbetween traditional and contemporary elements. Starting with the open floor plan, the venue is conceptualized as a vast space for encounters based on the tradition of Viennese coffeehouses infused with modern elements. David Schreyer Taking inspiration from the literal meaning of the term “Bellaria” – meaning „pleasant air“ &nda... Altro

Progetto • By MGA | Meirav Galan ArchitectAppartamenti

DE Apartment

Located in an 80-year-old modernist building in the heart of Tel-Aviv, “DE Apartment” was renovated by architect Meirav Galan. Amit Geron Fascinated by the unique wooden windows and meticulous craftsmanship details of the building, originally designed by renowned Israeli architect Dov Karmi in the 1940s, Galan knew she wanted to preserve the nostalgic vibes while ensuring that the space meets its contemporary needs and becomes a cozy home. Amit Geron The 160-m2 apartment was originally planned as two separate apartments and had an unclear design scheme as it had been artificially connected from the beginning and functioned as a shared apartment in recent years. Amit Geron The new owners of “DE Apartment&r... Altro

Progetto • By Space MexicoUffici


Sanofi is a company dedicated to human health with a diversified portfolio of innovative solutions that respond to the needs of the population. It transforms scientific innovation into solutions for wellbeing.  Pim Schalkwijk One of the most difficult challenges facing the world today is to improve health. As a global biopharmaceutical company, Sanofi, driven by scientific innovation, renews and expands its offices, taking advantage of its great global commitment focused on continuous improvement. Pim Schalkwijk The design was based on a new trend of image and architecture different from the rest of the world. Its concern for the social, environmental and labor welfare of his collaborators has driven Sanofi to implement I+D... Altro

Progetto • By Articolo LightingAlloggio

Seaside Residence

The island is the keystone of modern kitchen design. Sitting on the threshold of purposeful space and the laid back verve of the living and dining zones, the kitchen island is often defined by the beauty of its bench top materiality and the source of light above. Suspended between horizontal planes and the two spaces designated as the heart of the home, pendant lighting has the unique capacity to unify the design dialogues that sit side by side in the home, separated by the kitchen island. Seen as an integral element to kitchen design when viewed from the living or dining space and vice versa, the gentle translucent presence of mouth blown glass can temper strong design elements in the surrounding space, distilling them to the purity of li... Altro

Progetto • By Articolo LightingAlloggi Privati

Sora House

A heritage listed dwelling in inner Melbourne, the renovation revolved around the heart of the home: the kitchen. The kitchen, pantry and laundry introduced two shades of grey, fulfilling the client’s love of blue hues, which sat in perfect contrast to the earthy red travertine, granite’s rusted knots, and multiple pieces of indigenous art. The master suite incorporated elements from the kitchen, whilst also using different finishes of the same colour adding textural differences. Via Polytec Design Awards Photography - Tess Kelly Caption Caption Caption Altro

Progetto • By Articolo LightingAlloggi Privati

South Melbourne House

Formerly a maelstrom of angles, Honto Architecture has injected order into its original structure, which had previously lacked parallel. The residence possesses a zany zeal, as if fitted to the block in a frenetic fervour. Simultaneously presenting a distinct Victorian verve and a grand challenge, arranging the standing spaces into coherence seemed no easy feat. Encompassing the embodied turbulence, Honto Architecture has transformed the terrace home into a lively expression, celebrating the history of its babbling walls. Caption Experimenting with materiality and tactility, the interior of the terrace is dressed in a measured juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary details. Styled by Ruth Welsby, the dwelling is elevated by evo... Altro

Progetto • By Articolo LightingBar

Copycat Bar and Restaurant

Copycat blends the best that Melbourne has to offer. Stunning interiors, beautiful food, and a sophisticated drinks list to match. When the Polish bar and eatery closed last year, they found it only fitting to snag the spot and open a new restaurant, Copycat. “The stars aligned when this one came up,” Nick tells Broadsheet. “I knew it’d be a fantastic position being next to the cinema.” Caption On one side is the dining room, with a curvaceous concrete wall. On the other, a more casual area that’s perfect for pre-cinema cocktails and snacks. At the back is a cosy lounge with plush carpet, hand-blown pendant lights and a theatre-style velvet curtain along the wall. Caption “I wanted that... Altro

Progetto • By Ramses Pech ArchitectAlloggio


The house is for a young couple who are looking to start expanding and becoming a family ,  they seek to expand certain areas of their house that is currently on one level, on the second floor they seek to build the bedrooms for their future children and the main room. The concept of the house seeks to expand the program of the house through open spaces where the space is intelligently used to provide the greatest comfort to the user where they can from taking a break in the afternoon, and having moments of privacy in a exclusive room for them to take a break from the routine. Ramses Pech Ramses Pech Ramses Pech Altro

Progetto • By PLUS ULTRA studioAppartamenti

PCN | Almost Nothing, Nearly Everything

Un appartamento per una giovane coppia di professionisti nel mondo dell’arte, studiata per integrare alcuni arredi d’epoca, un’ampia biblioteca e alcune opere in un contenitore accogliente e luminoso. Un progetto che attraverso nuovi colori, arredi e finiture ha ridefinito completamente l’atmosfera e la percezione dello spazio, aggiungendo una camera ma senza stravolgere drasticamente l’esistente. Federico Villa Studio Gli elementi caratterizzanti la zona giorno sono il nuovo ingresso e le tre soglie che definiscono lo spazio tra cucina e soggiorno. L’ingresso è separato dallo studio da una nuova parete attrezzata, decorata con carta da parati Cole&Son “Chiavi Segrete” di Fo... Altro

Progetto • By ARCHFORMRistoranti


Golden Jet Restaurant has been developed for passengers who want to spend time in a more private and elegant atmosphere. The restaurant hall is located in the cafe area, but it is raised to the podium and is divided from the main flow of passengers by the decorative facade of metal vertical bars. Area: 82 m2 Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Oleg Bajura Caption Caption Altro

Progetto • By Men BureauAppartamenti

RYB apartment

Project name: RYB apartment Location: Kyiv (UA) Sector: Residential Area: 100 m2 Year: 2021   The apartments are located in the Rybalsky residential complex in the Podol district of Kyiv. Since the apartment is located above the commercial area, we had the opportunity to use the space more variably. We divided the entire space into two blocks - a private part (which includes a children's room and a master bedroom with a bathroom) and a public (which includes a spacious kitchen-living room, a bathroom, and a workplace). Caption This place designed to accommodate the needs and emotions of the user, becoming the environment for various scenarios of everyday life. All the main rooms are compositionally connected due to material... Altro