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Progetto • By Bojorquez ArquitectosAlloggio

Casa de la Orquidea Azul

Project: Arch. Esteban BojorquezArch. Servando BojorquezConstruction: Rivera ConstruccionesPhotography: Gonzalo Bojorquez The project distributes itself around a family living room that serves as a connection point between units. Life in the house... Altro

Progetto • By Synecdoche Design StudioUffici

Llamasoft HQ

A complete office renovation of an established tech company looking to refresh their brand and headquarters experience. The growth of the company required new amenities not available in their current configuration including a customer experience cent... Altro

Progetto • By Luca ErbaAlloggi Privati

Villa Grace

Villa Grace is an early century building located in the heart of Montecarlo, spread over 5 levels for a total of 700 square meters. The customer requested for a completely renovation of the villa, creating a prestigious spa in the basement. The int... Altro

Progetto • By SwitchupUffici


Placer.ai uses technology and analytics to improve the understanding of foot traffic and geography as it relates to business growth. Their products provide businesses with the necessary information to cater to their customer base, attract new demogra... Altro

Progetto • By SwitchupUffici


Overwolf is a company that develops and easy-to-use framework for gamers to create apps that benefit themselves and other gamers. Founded by and run by a team of people who are gamers first, developers second, they use an understanding of games, cult... Altro

Progetto • By SwitchupUffici


OpenWeb is a social engagement platform company that works with publishers to bring online conversations back to the media. As an innovative technological company filled with young professionals Switchup sought create an office that was open, colorfu... Altro

Progetto • By SwitchupUffici


Jolt is an educational technology company that provides prospective “students” with an alternative to a traditional MBA program. Their courses and educational programing is highly customizable and can be completed either on its campus or... Altro

Progetto • By SwitchupUffici


IMS is an international medical company that specialize in large scale healthcare projects around the world. As such an innovative company with specific needs out of an office space, Switchup sought create a design that is both modern and warm, with... Altro

Progetto • By SwitchupUffici


Colu is a tech company that promotes civic engagement through an innovative app. In order to cater to such an innovative company with a community-focused mission, Switchup sought create a design that is both modern and warm, and then integrates natur... Altro

Prodotto • By A-Class MarbleFURIFORMATO Range : Spring

FURIFORMATO Range : Spring

Highlight your walls with endless possibilities of simple yet artistic coloured walls of Fuoriformato Range  Altro

Progetto • By Armellino & Poggio ArchitettiMusei

Savona Pottery Museum & Bino

The finalisation of Palazzo Monte di Pietà is part of a bigger restoration project, launched in 2014, about areas addressed to host Pottery Museum, funded by Agostino de' Mari Foundation - a non profit private corporation which pursues aims of... Altro

Progetto • By RestauroAlloggio

House Renovation in Ilioupoli, Athens Greece

The first thing that struck us when Fenia and Angel described how they wanted their new home to be was the excitement of their words and the need for a radical renovation not only of the premises and facilities but also of the relationship with it. T... Altro
ceiling mirror panels creating upside down pyramide
ceiling lights integrated into mirror panel pyramide
joining mirror panels together in space
frames mock up test on the ceiling
the centre of mirror ceiling completed

Progetto • By LIKE MIRRORRistoranti

Daroco Restaurant

Conception , manufacture and installation of lightweight mirror ceiling frames Situated on the site of the former Zebra Square, the exceptional 430 square metre space has been entirely redesigned by the architect Olivier Delannoy of the REINH agency... Altro

Progetto • By INK interior architectsNegozi


A bespoke jewellery brand that celebrates horology; the art of making clocks and watches. We champion finishes such as rich timber, burnished metal and heavy texture for a sumptuous result. The  traditional jewellery store aesthetic is challenge... Altro

Progetto • By Flussocreativo Design StudioAlloggi Privati


Eleganza leggera nel verde.   Flussocreativo Design Studio firma una casa, nei dintorni di Brescia, dallo stile raffinato, ricca di colori e piena di energia, come la padrona di casa. Altro