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Progetto • By TOYA DESIGNUffici

The new MOL headquarters in Suchy Las

Changing the logo and building a new headquarters is another stage in the dynamic development of MOL in Suchy Las. The investor entrusted this difficult task to designers from the TOYA DESIGN studio. Designers took up the challenge of inscribing arch... Altro

Prodotto • By European HomeModore 100H Gas Fireplace

Modore 100H Gas Fireplace

The Modore 100H is a frameless, built-in single-sided direct vent gas fireplace with a tall opening. As with a traditional fireplace, the Modore’s height gives you a great view of the impressive flames on the warm, glowing log set.  Whethe... Altro

Prodotto • By European HomeLucius 240H Peninsula Fireplace

Lucius 240H Peninsula Fireplace

Nearly 8’ wide and introducing a tall, nearly 22″, viewable opening, the Lucius 240H peninsula style direct vent gas fireplace is the perfect combination of form and function. Beautiful, efficient, and ingenious architectural element to d... Altro

Progetto • By Architecture DisciplineAlloggi Privati


The 780-square-meters penthouse located in The IVY, in Gurgaon, India exudes sophistication and panache from every aspect.    Wrapped up with frosted film, the glass entrance door provides some privacy to the family whilst giving a hint o... Altro

Progetto • By The Design GroupUffici


This office seems to be a space built upon boundaries of imagination. The colors, original constructions on the ceilings, wall murals come as a surprise. A lot goes on here, yet all fits in seamlessly. We are referring to the latest office of Autodes... Altro

Progetto • By CJ STUDIO-ShiChieh Lu Negozi


3d diamond shape patterned ceiling adds an undulating landscape above head. It brings rhythmic atmosphere into space with an industrial fashion look, lightly flying over a more conventional, calm, heavier walls finished with stone spray paint. The co... Altro

Progetto • By CJ STUDIO-ShiChieh Lu Uffici

Giant Group Global Headquarters

Giant Group is one of the worldwide renowned brands for bicycle design and manufacture. Its headquarters, the nexus for global management, is located in Taichung Science Park. The Giant Group features products of multiple characters for various sorts... Altro

Prodotto • By European HomeE1560 Electric Fireplace

E1560 Electric Fireplace

The E1560 Single-Sided is the latest addition to our E-Series Electric Fireplaces. Its impressive size of 24” high by 59 1/2” wide makes it a bold statement in any living space. This model is also available in Single-Sided, Corner Style a... Altro

Progetto • By ARCO Arquitectura ContemporáneaUffici


This corporate interior design project is the result of the renovation of a 1,000 sq m floor plan located west of Mexico City, in an area where offices still have a strong presence. An elegant and tempered corporate image was turned into the goal to... Altro

Progetto • By ARCO Arquitectura ContemporáneaScuole Primarie

CimOrt Talleres y Pasillo

The corridor´s remodeling goal was to transform a circulation into an exhibit and encounter space, a place where students and teachers can use all the time, be it as gallery of works of all the different workshops, for presentations, lectures,... Altro

Progetto • By ARCO Arquitectura ContemporáneaScuole Primarie

CimOrt Salones de Primaria

A flexible and functional design was the goal for the remodeling project for this primary school classrooms. Furthermore, creating a learning and wellbeing space for students and teachers, we pursued the vitality of the space to be easily reconfigure... Altro

Prodotto • By European HomeE810 Electric Fireplace

E810 Electric Fireplace

The E810 is the latest addition to our E-Series Electric Fireplaces. Being narrow yet tall makes for a sleek and elegant look. This model is available in Single-Sided, Corner and 3-Sided.   Evoflame technology creates a stunning flame effect w... Altro

Progetto • By AngoHotel

The Datai Langkawi

Iconico resort malese The Datai Langkawi è riconosciuto nella Hot List 2019 di Condé Nast Traveller e The Best Hotels and Resorts In The World: The 2020 Gold List. Lefort di DL2A, il rinomato architetto e interior designer (che ha suppo... Altro

Progetto • By Bojorquez ArquitectosAlloggio

Casa de la Orquidea Azul

Project: Arch. Esteban BojorquezArch. Servando BojorquezConstruction: Rivera ConstruccionesPhotography: Gonzalo Bojorquez The project distributes itself around a family living room that serves as a connection point between units. Life in the house... Altro

Progetto • By Synecdoche Design StudioUffici

Llamasoft HQ

Una completa ristrutturazione dell'ufficio di un'affermata azienda tecnologica che cerca di rinnovare il proprio marchio e l'esperienza della sede centrale. La crescita dell'azienda ha richiesto nuovi servizi non disponibili nella loro attuale confor... Altro