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View from the port entrance
View from the end of the 1km long breakwater
Physical Model - Balsa Wood

Progetto • By bo.M design studio - Vasilis MylonasTorri di Guardia

Cubes Aleorion Lighthouse Project

The Cubes Aleorion is a proposal for a lighthouse at the port of Volos, located at the innermost point of the Pagasetic Gulf  and standing at the end of the 1 km long breakwater, commonly called by the locals as “kordoni” (lace or cord). Aleorion [etym. < anc. Greek: ἀλεωρή “avoidance, to avoid”] is a navigation mark to show reefs or other hazards. It is a modern interpretation of what is considered to have been the oldest known lighthouse. Inspiration for the Cubes Aleorion was the so-called Aleorion of Xerxes, built around 480 BC and once stood on the reef “Lefteris”, in the middle of the sea passage between Skiathos island and mount Pelion in central Greece. Remnants o... Altro

Prodotto • By EntroLandmarks & Public Art

Landmarks & Public Art

Entro offers design services in branding, wayfinding, signage, environmental graphics, exhibit design, and media architecture. Landmarks and public art installations are bold, purpose-built works that provide sense of arrival and sense of place, become a focal point within a space, and aid in wayfinding. Our solutions build upon key brand experience tenets, consider the overall visitor journey, and integrate with other disciplines. Altro

Progetto • By THstudio ArchitectsRistoranti


Carnavalet: Inspiration of FoodNAKHON RATCHASIMA, THAILANDDesigned by THstudio Architects-         OUR SCENARIOCarnavalet is a restaurant on the new extended urban area named CITY LINK. The city link is in term of urban sprawl where is set up a new business district in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. The restaurant was decided to invest in this area where highly compete and owners believe that distinctive architecture can promote and support their business to success. We all believe in architectural design can create a new landmark in the city to remember, moreover architecture is branding of CARNAVALET: INSPIRATION OF FOOD at the same time.-         ... Altro