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Progetto • By Richporter LightingRistoranti

Sesame Restaurant

Richporter Lighting was honored to work along Sesame restaurant’s owner to illuminate his venue located in Old Montreal. Our lighting designer chose LED track lights to highlight the restaurant bar area and entrance. The use of track lights al... Altro

Progetto • By Puri Lighting DesignAppartamenti

Guomao Apartment

As an important part of China World Trade Center, Guomao Apartment has a history of 30 years since its operation in 1990. Since April 2018, Guomao Apartment will temporarily close its business, upgrade the interior and introduce the most modern livin... Altro

Prodotto • By Yellow Goat DesignImplosion


It might resemble the sparks from metal grinder but the spark here is not coming from a grinding wheel. Instead it is a burst of renewal frozen in time. Shades of metallic aluminum blades are positioned in a precise angle with each other, lit up by L... Altro

Prodotto • By Yellow Goat DesignArboreal


‘Arboreal’ or ‘living in trees’ is a signature sculptural light of Yellow Goat Design bringing the beauty and harmony of the natural environment into intimate, bespoke and luxurious contemporary design interiors. A stylish lig... Altro

Prodotto • By Yellow Goat DesignThe Cut Outs

The Cut Outs

If you could cut out the brightly colored shapes found in the city and collect them all in one place, this is what you might end up with. Bits of windows, signages, metalworks, block of tiles. This is a collection of a future cityscape, in the most a... Altro

Progetto • By QPROUffici

Office Avito Tech

Avito Internet Holding is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. In 2018, the company continued to grow, and in the «White Gardens» business center, where the headquarters are already located, another 5th floor of 1200 square... Altro

Progetto • By QPROGallerie d'Arte


Private art gallery for a personal collection of works of the 20th century is a traditionally shaped house with a gable roof and undercuts of facades. One wall of the building represents some kind of showcase due to panoramic windows through which th... Altro

Progetto • By QPROAeroporti

Airport Platov. Business lounge

The concept of the project is based on the idea of natural beauty and wealth of the southern region, which is transmitted by the peculiar interior and lighting solutions.Ceiling panels imitate clouds, and lighting devices located between them at a sh... Altro

Prodotto • By FlosINFRA-STRUCTURE Episode 2


La reinterpretazione di un icona: il design unico di Infra-Structure si evolve grazie ad un nuovo concetto modulare estremamente semplificato. Elementi essenziali ma di grande impatto visivo possono essere combinati per caratterizzare qualsiasi spazi... Altro

Progetto • By QPROParchi


Conservation Embassy — scientific and educational center for laboratory experiments, thematic conferences, lectures and seminars. The pavilion also houses the Florarium - a multilayer greenhouse with artificial climate for growing plants in air... Altro

Progetto • By Puri Lighting DesignParchi/Giardini

Asia Forum Park

The stars are the light of the moon, the sun is the belief of kapok, the turbulent sea water climbs the shoulders of the tree shadows, the dawn has just penetrated the heart of the sky, and the lights and shadows put clothes on the house.   &m... Altro

Progetto • By Sundukovy Sisters studioRistoranti

Selection Restaurant

Did You Know That… The main characters of “Selection” – a modern and exquisite gastronomic play – are fish and meat? The main plot puts a spotlight on these two in a unique chef’s interpretation (Ayk Weishtort),... Altro

Progetto • By Ariel zuckermanCentri Commerciali

Fashion mall Belgrade - lighting design

This project started in a working meeting with the architectural firm Ran and Morris, the theme of the mall they plan in Belgrade came up. They loved our lighting collection called "Knitted" and wanted to use it in designing the spaces for the ski li... Altro

Prodotto • By Ariel zuckermanKNITTED


  A series of lightings that combines technology with tradition. Knitting wool threads in fixed patterns creates a three-dimensional sheet of fabric which serves as a lighting fixture. The project was born from a collaboration between the desi... Altro

Prodotto • By FlosIn Vitro Bollard

In Vitro Bollard

In Vitro BollardPhilippe Starck Since forever, the lightbulb is protected by a glass globe. Today, this disappears in favor of the light. It is the both poetic and surrealistic idea of dematerialized architectural lighting and the memory of the spac... Altro