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Prodotto • By LINVISIBILEInfinito Vertical Pivot Door

Infinito Vertical Pivot Door

The innovative Infinito system allows to apply diverse decorative finishes over the panel surfaces, thanks to an aluminium outer frame system which hosts the preselected coating. The variety of finishes that can be applied to the Infinito vertical pivot extends to any material with a maximum thickness of 3 mm and an overall weight below 70 kg.   Infinito Vertical Pivot door swivels open on a vertical axis, thanks to a sophisticated hidden pivot system. Available with or without stop, the door can rotate on itself up to 360° opening, obtaining a very exciting movement effect.   Furthermore, the versatility of this product also offers the opportunity to apply different finishes on both sides of the leaf and to personalise th... Altro
Contemporary Facade, Top Architects in Bangalore

Progetto • By A.J ArchitectsAlloggio

Rippled Facade

The building is located in Industrial campus in suburb of Bangalore. Set in atmosphere of good natural vegetation. The program of the building is of secondary in nature, than primary manufacturing units. The structure accommodates guest dining areas in the lower floor and managerial staff quarter’s in the upper level. The client’s brief was to build a contemporary and aesthetic façade but the budgets were shoe string tight. The natural green surroundings inspired the design team to design for outside – in façade, with large windows and provided large bay projections for further scope to relate better with nature. The shoe string tight budget, gave minimum scope for use of materiality layers. The design team... Altro

Progetto • By CORPUS ARCHITECTSAlloggio per Studenti

Student Housing Campus "A ++"

Every modern University needs its modern and functional student campus.  Altro

Progetto • By ARCHITIMESculture

Dynamic wall - kinetic art installation

Dynamic brick wall by ARCHITIME  The art-object is at intersection of kinetic and parametric architecture and dedicated to the highest feeling on the Earth - LOVE.    Authors: Grigory Malitskiy, Maria Malitskaya, ARCHITIME design group.Artist: Alexey Kio. Location: Russia, Moscow, Orbion transport hub, Skolkovo Date: 2020 About: The dynamic wall dance reveals, like a theatrical curtain, what is hidden in the emotions palette of love. Love kindles hearts and stirs the blood. Flaming hearts are looking for self-expression, finding it in creativity, and, in particular, street art, which has gone a way from vandalism to art, from destruction to creation. Architecture is silent and ready to accept a sensual creative impulse... Altro

Progetto • By Dezest designAlloggi Privati

Pine Cove House

We created the architecture of the Pine Cove House while minimizing environmental damage. The volumes are arranged so as to integrate the house into the forest space as much as possible.  The space of the house isn't limited by the walls, we have made nature and the environment part of the architecture, an extension of the house. A feeling of overflow of inner space into outer space.   Today people drive cars, work in glass and steel office centers, and are exposed to information noise from screens. Technology has evolved faster than humans and we feel uncomfortable. Sometimes we need to break free and touch what our body and mind need. Enjoy nature, feel the ground with our feet, breathe in the fresh forest air. We have int... Altro

Progetto • By Dumican Mosey ArchitectsAlloggi Privati

Modern Shingle Style

Designed for a family of four, this Modern home draws upon the spirit of the American Shingle Style and contemporary Dutch architecture to create a vibrant good neighbor in an established area of Menlo Park, California. The 4,500 square-foot, two-story home with a full basement updates the traditional elements of the wrap-around porch, bay window, and gabled roof to create a fresh, expressive piece of residential architecture. Through this reinterpretation, traditional rules of style and proportion are loosened to allow for expansive glass openings, a free-flowing plan, and strong visual and physical connections to the outdoors. Altro

Progetto • By AxolightAppartamenti

Modern apartment in Danzica, Poland

The architects were able to create a surprising mixture between 60’s style and Nordic shapes, between pastel colours and geometrical motif of the tiles, recalling a past time. Everything in the interior design of this apartment in Danzig, coloured harbour city in Poland, results coherent, well-done: the tones are the same in every room, such as the wooden inserts and geometrical motif. These features make the place ideal to relax after a work day. A Muse ceiling lamps was installed over the sofa, it spreads a suffused light, creating a peaceful atmosphere.  Altro

Progetto • By KUBE ArchitectureAlloggio

Duvall Court

Duvall Court is a redevelopment of a previously “unbuildable” set of alley lots in Washington DC, and thus a re-establishment of a thriving “alley neighborhood.”     The site began as housing for workers in a local brewery in 1893, with small-scale rowhouses sharing an inner portion of the city block.  Over time these uses of the alley blocks were gradually diminished, until DC Zoning Code deemed them “unbuildable” lots.  The outer perimeter rowhouses that had developed later became the preferred standard for the DC block, and the inner lots often were unused open space.   In 2016, DC changed the zoning code to allow these abandoned alley lots to be once again buildable, and t... Altro

Progetto • By D.O.M.+Alloggi Privati

DOM 125M

D.O.M.+ represents an innovative way of living at a cost of $80,000. Surrounded by nature, this eco-friendly house is designed for year-round living. It is monumental and yet lightweight, its interior is cozy and simple. The house of 125 square meters perfectly fits into the landscape near Moscow. D.O.M.+ has a linear layout with an open-plan living room, kitchen, and dining room designed in the middle of the house and three bedrooms located on the sides. All the furniture has been made on the premises. D.O.M.+ is a full-service company represented by Sergey Nasedkin, founder of the architectural bureau ARCH.625, and Vitali Sokolovski, founder of the magazin of modern architecture HQROOM. Innovative housing D.O.M.+ was created after a tho... Altro

Progetto • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignAppartamenti

Apartment Renovation

The renovation of this apartment in Bruxelles, Belgium has a unified palette that is almost constant for most of the rooms, which gives the apartment a refined look. Every room uses this color scheme differently, depending on the function of each space. But one thing that is constant is that the renovation is mixing between function and aesthetics  The overall style of the apartment is minimalist modern with an overwhelming artistic feel. Altro

Progetto • By Christopher Wright ArchitectureAlloggi Privati

Madison Park House

Madison Park è la risposta a un quartiere già esistente e alla necessità di soddisfare le preferenze estetiche dei clienti e di creare una casa contemporanea adatta a un ambiente della metà del XX secolo.   Una facciata ammorbidita dall'uso di materiali naturali e di un tetto a capanna fonda armoniosamente le geometrie della struttura e la sua recinzione sia sul paesaggio che sulle case vicine, ottenendo una presentazione piacevole e unica con una qualità senza tempo ottenuta attraverso elementi visivi e materici equilibrati.   L'abitare all'aperto su un lotto urbano è reso possibile grazie all'utilizzo di trasparenze e punti di accesso multipli, con le aree abitative primarie che si a... Altro

Progetto • By AVA- Andrea Vattovani ArchitectureNegozi

The Limassol Pebble

Sculptural forms and innovative design are the main features of “Pebble” proposed project for developers "Masharii“ and „The Land“ for the mixed-use tower in Limassol. The inspiration for the project was directly in front of AVA's team- at the wonderful beach, or more precisely in the simple childhood memory of playing with pebbles and stacking them on top of each other. It is exactly this plain expression of beauty and freedom that inspired the final form of the building. The seemingly complex orientation of the pebbles i.e. levels is designed to create a premium living experience while maximizing the sellable area of the building. The pebbles are shaped by a steel structure around a reinforced concrete core... Altro

Progetto • By PAUL CREMOUX studioAlloggi Privati

Huizache House

The house and studio for a Visual Artist and his fiancee, respond to a series of themes such as the relationship with the physical context, the needs of the client, security and a limited budget. For this project, six options were analyzed at the schematic design level that sought to control the wind that comes from the northeast and that occurs in the first months of the year with greater intensity, the sun and the quality of light that enters the building, as well as its cost, energy, and specific operating expenses.   Through the use of various design performance tools and technologies such as Fluid Dynamics, Energy Consumption Analysis Material Life Cycle Assessment, and Climate Analysis” the existing conditions were reprod... Altro

Progetto • By VIMARVIRistoranti

Restaurante El Gordo y el Flaco

Trusting in our studio, Salva and Pablo commissioned us with the project for the relocation of their restaurant. For this purpose, an old corner house with no architectural value is chosen, located in a low-rise building area. This new location makes it possible to house the new restaurant in its own building, which allows all the advantages that its old premises did not have. The project covers the demolition of the old building and the construction of a new one. Whenever there is a change of business, there is a need to improve the existing, so the main starting point of the project was to solve all the problems that the old location had without affecting the main features of the restaurant. For this we thought, given that this new locati... Altro

Progetto • By EvoSpaceAlloggi Privati

Private Observatory @Bazaleti

We present our newly finished Private Property (@Bazaleti, Georgia). This property includes a modern private house with private observatory buildung with moving roof. Living house measurments are 36mX10M and observatory is 14mX5m. Living house interior is modern, with some loft details, but main concept of interior is LESS IS MORE. Property is equipped with digital smart technologies (such as lighting, alarms, cameras and heating systems) Architecture was made with our partner architecture company InStudio. Buildings main materils are: Concrete, Glass and metal with some wooden furniture details. Altro