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Progetto • By Metall RittenCentri Rspositivi

Messner Mountain Museum Firmian

No stone is like another. That is why all 137 steel windows in the "Messner Mountain Museum" at Sigmundskron Castle have different dimensions. Countless detailed solutions were required: whether for the installation of entire storeys, the measurement... Altro

Progetto • By Abramson ArchitectsAlloggio

Sapire Residence

An entrepreneur and family with a passion for health living requested a large home on their dramatically sloping 2-acre site. They specifically wanted an informal layout that could be woven into the topography of the property. Wanting to enjoy as muc... Altro

Progetto • By THstudio ArchitectsScuole Primarie

Primary School: English Program Building

Project Year: 2020 Client: โรงเรียนสาธิตมหาวิทยาลัยราชภัฏนครราชสีมา The Demonstration School of NRRU Gross Built Area: 3,000 square meters   Project location:   Location: NAKHON RATCHASIM... Altro

Progetto • By Pollard ArchitectsAlloggi Privati

CS Residence

The CS Residence is four-bedroom house with three car garage and a bike workshop in the garage. The clients’, avid bikers and software owners, had purchase a site from when they were married and sat on it for many years, thinking of what they could b... Altro

Progetto • By Q2Studio sp. z o.o. sp.k.Hotel

Infinity Zieleniec Ski & Spa

What draws attention in the project is primarily a modern façade, created from the combination of glass, wood and tin panels combined in an effective motif. Taking advantage of the terrain, the architects from Q2Studio have created an impressive buil... Altro

Progetto • By MUS ARCHITECTSAlloggi Privati

Black Rock

IDEA The main idea was to create something different and original. Not just a single-family house, but an abstract form. We wanted to create a building that refers to the mountainous area, a house that seems to be a result of tectonics and not design... Altro

Progetto • By StipfoldHotel


 The hut is located at 3014 meters above the sea level and serves as a resting space for mountaineers and a hotel for guests who want to enjoy nature and some quite time in the mountains. Altihut is a two story hotel, built with materials w... Altro

Progetto • By Juergen Pollak Photographie + FilmRistoranti

Nebelhorn | Gipfelstation

The new summit restaurant atop the Nebelhorn mountain in Germany combines culinary delights with breath-taking alpine views. The building materials needed for its construction had to be flown by helicopter to the site located at an altitude of more t... Altro

Progetto • By Juergen Pollak Photographie + FilmRistoranti


Cable-car station on the top of Switzerland´s Chäserrugg mountain within a wooden restaurant. Altro

Progetto • By Luisa Fontanella architettoAlloggi Privati

Villa Corte delle Dolomiti

Casa vacanze nel cuore delle Dolomiti Bellunesi. Il progetto si articola nel rispetto del luogo che un tempo ha ospitato le Olimpiadi invernali del 1956. Ogni singolo dettaglio è stato messo in discussione, dalla scelta dei materiali ; Corten per rim... Altro

Progetto • By Ruptura Morlaca ArquitecturaAlloggi Privati

Gravitational Indifference

The desire to live of the users on a serene, silent, vast, spacious and full of trees, where nature is able to show its greatness, has led them to identify a place in the sector of Ricaurte in Cuenca-Ecuador, a almost intact site that in the mornings... Altro

Progetto • By Imbue DesignAlloggi Privati

Red Hawk

On a gentle ridge looking out to Park City the Red Hawk residence is perched on a mountain crest that offers the perfect vantage point for its spectacular surroundings. By way of outdoor living spaces the home's design weaves uninterrupted views of U... Altro

Progetto • By simpleidentityPaesaggio Residenziale

Mountain House MX1

Small prefabricated house (cabin) in Ukrainian mountains - Carpathians. Mostly designed for active travelers and mountain scenery lovers. Can be used as a private house or a small hotel cabin. Material - pine wood. Style - "traditional" minimali... Altro

Progetto • By MarsetAlloggio

Mountain House in Andorra

Products used: Pleat Box pendant lamp by Xavier Mañosa & Mashallah Funiculí floor lamp by Lluís Porqueras Ledtube Wall lamp by Daniel López S2 pendant lamp by Joan Gaspar Altro

Progetto • By Bumper InvestmentsAlloggio

Chalet Montanum - Courchevel

Chalet MONTANUM was constructed into the hillside of an area known as Le Hameaux des Brigues, in Courchevel Village. Built using recuperated wood and furnished in a contemporary interpretation of the “classic” chalet style, Montanum is situated ne... Altro