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NotizieNotizie • 12 mag 2021

Ateliers Jean Nouvel completes bright red arcade lined with rows of flower pots

Ateliers Jean Nouvel set out to entice passers-by on their walk through Shanghai into a surprising shortcut through a bright red overgrown arcade. The project nicknamed ‘street of 1000 red jars’ has a red colored passageway lined with earthenware jars that connects the Ma Dang and Dan Shui streets. © 10 Studio. 恒基-旭辉新天地/The Roof The mix-use building includes offices, restaurants and two levels of shopping that are interconnected with overhead walkways and bridges. Adjustable slats for shading produce a shadowplay of natural light. © 10 Studio. 恒基-旭辉新天地/The Roof The exterior is a timid greyish-beige that contrasts boldly with glimpses of the red interior street. In the same color the outside facade is lined... Altro