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Villa Schatzlmayr

A gentle slope with open views of meadows, the Danube and a seemingly endless sky – and the property is a real gem. What a perfect place for a special home. The clients - a middle-aged couple - fulfilled their lifelong dream here. They wanted a spacious, ground-level home, where nature, views and seasons play the main role. PHILIPPARCHITEKTEN The Villa Schatzlmayr is a three-part ensemble with a total of 760 m2 of living and usable space, which opens to the landscape with an uninterrupted floor-to-ceiling glazing. Towards the street, the deliberately reduced purist façade ensures architectural contrast and privacy. The center is the lounge-like designed living area with open kitchen, dining and a subsequent fireplace room... Altro

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Villa Bunkherr

The biggest challenge of the project Bunkherr came up at the outset of the collaboration between the client and the architects. The attractive hillside property was located in a former holiday home neighborhood set amidst a picturesque landscape in Hesse, Germany. Due to great dedication, perseverance and a tenacious struggle for the client’s strong desire to build their home in this very attractive place, a construction permit could finally be successfully acquired. The design is based on the idea of a human back, which divides the property into two areas: a public hillside area, which contains the entrance to the house, the garage and a spacious, plaza-like courtyard - an inviting place to share time with friends and neighbors. Eve... Altro

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Office Castle Waldenburg

Nel bellissimo ambiente del Castello di Waldenburg, in stanze completamente ridisegnate con arredamento interno moderno, pianifichiamo, progettiamo e realizziamo la nostra villa su misura e l'architettura degli oggetti.   L'intero concetto interno è stato rinnovato, ridisegnato, ampliato e dotato di arredi interni selezionati. Il nostro obiettivo era quello di creare un'atmosfera di lavoro piacevole e rappresentativa, dove il presente e il passato sono in armonia piuttosto che in competizione.   L'insolita atmosfera dell'intero ufficio è ulteriormente rafforzata da un'interessante collezione di vari oggetti d'arte come dipinti e sculture di artisti famosi. In collaborazione con la Galleria Cyprian Brenner, numero... Altro

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Villa von osee

Towards the end of a park of an old villa above Lake Starnberg, the design of Villa von Osee is a modern yet harmonious counterpoint. A tailor-made home for a family with two sons and not to forget their dog.On the rather narrow and elongated hillside property, architect Anna Philipp designed a building in the form of two L-angles set against each other to create two attractive but functionally very different exterior spaces.On the one hand, an entrance courtyard is created which, with its wooden slats set on a shadow joint, provides protection from glimpses and at the same time gives all visitors a friendly welcome via the warm wooden surfaces. The water-bound entrance courtyard with a central tree forms a beautiful transition via its mate... Altro