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NotizieNotizie • 4 feb 2021

SAOTA renovates 19th century farm buildings by stripping away earlier refurbishments

SAOTA renovated a cluster of buildings on a former farm by studying its history and stripping away earlier refurbishments done in the 70’s. The farm consists of a main building, two barns and a former wine store. Adam Letch The buildings were constructed in the usual techniques used by Dutch settlers in the Cape. Walls of poured mud or clay that were cast layer by layer up to 700 millimeters (28 inch). In the main building the original yellowwood beams were restored. The timber floors were rotten and were replaced with poplar planks. Screed floors in the kitchen and dining area were refinished using stone pavers out of the field. Adam Letch Wherever new modern materials were introduced they were carefully selected to match... Altro

Progetto • By estudio ji architectsAlloggi Privati

The Toy Box

- The client: I need a “toy store to store toys”- Architects "estudio ji" : "We create a space that EVERYTHING IS A TOY !!" The project is intended for the youngest clients we have had: 3 and 5 years. These mini-clients do not demand great needs, only places, spaces, colors and imaginative experiences. That is why we decided to make the leap of designing the furniture that we were commissioned to make a “mega furniture” that in itself is the toy and also The toy box". We had a very interesting volume in one of the bedrooms of a building built in the 40's where we obtained the great advantage and opportunity to have a height of 4 meters free. This mega-furniture is based, in its concept, on a poplar wood fold that... Altro

Prodotto • By HESSENTIA | Cornelio CappelliniHeron


Il tavolino Heron è un "side table" dal design leggero e versatile. Il piano in essenza di radica di pioppo, materiale caldo e naturale, ha un bordo arrotondato con forma a vassoio. Quest'ultimo viene sostenuto da tre gambe cilindriche a "cannocchiale" in finitura alternata lucida e spazzolata, due delle quali attraversano  il piano formando una sorta di arco, utilizzabile come maniglia per un agevole spostamento all'interno di una zona living. Altro

Prodotto • By Surfacing SolutionSolid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour is a flexible grooved decorative surfacing material. The grooving is visually attractive and allows for the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angles, inwards and outwards. Available in 30 unique standard profiles. Custom Profiles are welcome. Wood Species include: Poplar, Red Oak, Maple, Ash, Red Grandis, Cherry, White Oak, and Walnut.  Common applications include full and accent walls, wall to ceiling transitions, bar fronts, column wraps, reception and boardroom desks, etc. Altro

Prodotto • By Woodsafe Timber Protection ABWoodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO

Woodsafe PRO™ is available in a number of wood types such as pine, spruce, oak, larch, cedar tree, birch, ash, maple, poplar and in plywood as spruce, birch and poplar. The wood products are manufactured in accordance with the European Commission Construction Products Regulation CPR 305/2011 and performance certified and CE certified according to EN14915:2013 and EN13986:2004+A1:2015. Woodsafe PRO™ is a flame retardant wood method for interior and exterior use. The actual performance of the flame retardant wood panel takes place in an industrial vacuum pressure impregnation process, and associated fixation of the fire retardant in the wood cell structure is achieved through the KDAT process. Manufacturing is done according to o... Altro

Progetto • By Martin Schmitt ArchitekturRistoranti

Kantine École Voltaire

A vibrant, exciting cubature, the inclusion in a park-like context, and the creation of a pleasant atmosphere for children and teachers – these were the parameters for our new cafeteria building for the École Voltaire in Berlin-Tiergarten.   The design idea is based on four juxtaposed sub-structures. Thus a differentiated building emerges on the narrow, elongated plot, which is reminiscent of an architectural landscape. The entrance is off Kurfürstenstraße and faces the older school building beyond the courtyard. The ground floor is primarily occupied by the large student cafeteria, which can also be used for events. The dining area for teachers is housed in the towering central section on a gallery level &nda... Altro

Progetto • By Fermín BlancoAlloggi Privati

Doña Ana Regufee

It was a grey and yellow day. I didn’t know if the wind was carrying rain or if the cloud was heavy and was wetting the ground. The dense silence was only interrupted by the rustling of the trees and a few rays of sunlight which escaped through the clouds. Dusk was falling, and the leaves were freezing over. Smoke was puffing from the chimney. There was only one light in the wood: a refuge. (1*) There are places brimming with sensations; little phenomena between the magical and the daily, between that which strikes you and that which is profoundly normal. These are places with which we have a link, like something attached to our insides. Simple, familiar, without pretensions, yet still able to stir up emotion within us and form... Altro

Progetto • By FAHR 021.3Mostre

Ensaio 04

Ensaio 04 is a geometric study of a curved surface built through straight planes of poplar wood, resulting in a perspective deformation.   The exercice proposed by FAHR presents a scenic element related to the theater, which is also an exercise of scale since it relates the building with the public space, creating a temporary urban scenary. Besides, Ensaio 04 is a strange object due to the illusion that it creates to the human eye, and because of the relations of shadow / light, full /empty that change during the day.   Essay 04 takes part in a set of geometric experiments developed by FAHR and was developed from a challenge of the Municipality of Póvoa de Varzim for the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the reopeni... Altro

Progetto • By Paralelo Zero ArchitectureUffici

IndieCampers Offices

Paralelo Zero has designed the contemporary offices for IndieCampers, a tourism company located in Lisbon, Portugal.   The office project for the company IndieCampers responds to the new spatial and contemporary requirements, conveying the values of a young and entrepreneurial Portuguese company working in the area of nature tourism.   The space was designed to bring harmony to some existing inconsistencies, defining workstations and meeting points, and establishing a strong image through a careful selection of raw materials, such as wood fibre Grey Valchromat, or natural poplar wood – all essential elements to creating the comfortable and welcoming environment which defines the IndieCampers culture. Altro

Prodotto • By B&B ItaliaTabour


Il prolifico duo anglo-indiano, Nipa Doshi e Jonathan Levien, firma per B&B Italia una capsule di tre pezzi decorativi e funzionali che, alla sensualità dei volumi, associano l’alta tecnologia dei materiali a partire dai pouf Tabour, di forma ovale allungata, quadrata o trilobata, che sono la quintessenza del mix and match. Simili a creature marine primordiali o a grandi animali unicellulari, possono comporre arcipelaghi al centro di un locale o diventare la naturale prosecuzione di divani e poltrone. I rivestimenti, tessili o in pelle, sono tesi sulla struttura tramite una sorta di “bottone” oversize, che assomiglia a un ombelico o a un grande occhio e sembra mettere in comunicazione i pouf Tabour con l’a... Altro

Progetto • By Atelier LAVITAlloggi Privati


Cabana is a hidden private room nested in the bush of residential area Es Cubells, along the west coast of Ibiza. The suite is an annex to the main villa and represents a refuge for the owner and his guests looking for a more essential and primordial experience. The architecture is designed according to island’s climate. Facing south and overlooking the valley and the sea, the roof and walls have been oriented so that the inhabited volume and outdoor spaces are always naturally shaded. The different densities of the vertical wooden screens around the hut guarantee the privacy of its occupiers as well as sheltering them from the sun and the wind. The interior space as well as the exterior are therefore protected from the sun t... Altro

Prodotto • By EstelPouf


Pouf available in different dimensions with support in beech and poplar wood, and padded in expanded polyurethane. Upholstery, completely removable in fabric and ecoleather, fixed in leather. Altro

Progetto • By RKW Architektur +Sculture

Sculpture Hall Of The Thomas Schütte Foundation

In the cultural area Hombroich, between the museum island Hombroich and rocket station, RKW Architecture + realized the extraordinary building in cooperation with the Thomas Schütte Foundation. Together with the artist Thomas Schütte, the architects created the final form in a comprehensive and constructive dialogue. The exhibition hall is characterized by a freely exciting, wide-necked spoke wheel roof, which seems to float over the facade of poplar wood slats thanks to a skylight ribbon. Inside, the polished and oiled concrete floor provides the stage for changing exhibitions. With the central double cone of ring furnace bricks opening upwards, a very special spatial experience is created. Altro

Progetto • By Francesc Rifé StudioUffici


The history of the place and its previous lives have played an important role in its new design and configuration. Located on the ground floor of a significant building —La Finca Roja1— in the city of Valencia (Spain) and taking some of the building's most notable features, such as the red brick and the various mosaic tiles that shape the floor, the first part of our work was to preserve the raw essence of the space while eliminating its most recent and unnecessary materials.Secondly, the black-stained poplar wood unfolds and expands in the interior void as a discrete and neutral material. The impartiality of this color contributes to the fact that any historical evidence is remarkable, either the tiles that covered the fireplace, the ceili... Altro

Prodotto • By Heerenhuis ManufactuurPoplar coffee table

Poplar coffee table

Coffee table POPLAR – solid poplar / metal.Specifications: solid poplar wood, metal frameWe make tables. That’s what we do. Altro