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Progetto • By Kohn Pedersen Fox AssociatesStrutture di Ricerca

University of Minnesota STSS Center

The new Science Teaching and Student Services Center (STSS) is a symbol of the University of Minnesota’s commitment to the student experience, reinforcing its mission to become one of the nation’s finest public institutions for the teaching of science. Located on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, opposite the Weisman Art Museum, the new Center is an emblem of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Mississippi River region’s renaissance. The new building creates a welcoming gateway from the City to the University’s East Bank Campus, and provides dedicated spaces for studying, social interaction, and one-stop student services. The project is LEED Gold certified and meets all of the state’s sustainable design guidelin... Altro

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Wayne State University Chemistry Building

To improve laboratory safety on campus, Wayne State University — a nationally recognized metropolitan research institution located in Midtown Detroit — required a renovation and expansion of its A. Paul Schaap Chemistry Building.  During the first phase of the renovation, modern laboratories and dedicated student spaces were incorporated into the north side of the building to encourage students to leave laboratories during breaks.  To create an open environment, windows between the labs and student spaces where also added to the space.  All of the existing fume hoods on the first and second floors were removed and replaced with new fume hoods, exhaust connections for glove box work and snorkel locations, which represents a fo... Altro

Progetto • By Interval ArchitectsCentri Rspositivi

Botanic Research Center

The project is located at the edge of Hengshui Botanic Park in Hebei Province, China.  The design aimed at creating a research and work environment that is public, open and would enhance people's efficiency and level of comfort.     Central to the concept is the composition of private volumes in relation to the public functions.  Six volumes, which consists of restaurants, labs, offices and libraries, are connected by a linear space that function more than just a corridor, but instead a public place for people to relax, communicate and exchange ideas.     The elongated form of this public space are inserted with several courtyards that allows more natural light in.  These gardens also create a moment f... Altro

Progetto • By wulf architekten GmbHLaboratori

DZNE German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Il nuovo edificio di DZNE, dove si studiano le somiglianze e le differenze delle varie malattie neurologiche, si trova al margine meridionale del Campus Venusberg dell'Ospedale Universitario di Bonn. Con una superficie utile di circa 16.000 metri quadrati, il DZNE offre condizioni scientifiche ottimali per un team internazionale di oltre 500 dipendenti e ricercatori in visita.   Il volume dell'edificio è suddiviso in tre distinti edifici individuali di forma organica. Questi formano un insieme coerente con ampi spazi esterni. La divisione tripartita corrisponde esattamente alle funzioni interne: l'edificio d'ingresso con tutte le strutture generali - che comprendono un auditorium, una caffetteria, una biblioteca e il dipartime... Altro

Progetto • By THstudio ArchitectsPiano Generale


New Synchrotron Light Research Institute, ThailandThe key Concepts of Design Make tomorrow better is the vision of Synchrotron, Thailand. The vision is applied into the key concept. Synchrotron is the scientific innovation of human being and tomorrow is interpreted as the future of human being.The concept of the design is "better future mate” of living and innovation. Living and innovation of human being relate to technology/nature/ culture/local/ global. Such dimensions make tomorrow better supported by science.Zoning for future mateThe programs are grouped by ten major buildings with the circular synchrotron building is in the center. The ten major buildings originally are organized along the main axis, allowing the buildings to connect w... Altro

Progetto • By Contell-Martínez ArquitectosUniversità

Center for Research in Food Biotechnology

The Food Biotechnology Research Center project comes from a Burgos University architectural competition in 2010, as an extension of the existing R&D&i building. The competition proposed a building symmetrical to the one in which it was necessary to complete a program of laboratories and workspaces with an independent use of the building that had to be expanded. With this initial approach, the boundary between the University Campus and the old train tracks, which were in the process of being transformed into a Railway Boulevard, was not solved. In the proposal presented to the competition, which was only a project for a laboratory building, transformed a simple project for a laboratory building into an urban proposal to... Altro

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Media Laboratory was formed in 1980 out of the work of MIT’s Architectural Machine Group and was built upon the seminal work of the faculty, which included a variety of research disciplines including cognition, learning, music, graphic design, video and holography. The lab has pioneered a research environment where academia and industry collaborate and has cultivated a culture built around cross disciplinary research groups much in the spirit and vitality of architectural “ateliers.” The success of the school now depends on a major expansion project that provides additional space for expanding research as well as spaces that will support and intensify the interaction among the Media Lab community. The new Media Lab Building provides... Altro