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Progetto • By Fumihiko Sano StudioRistoranti

Japanese Cuisine Tokiwa

This project is a new store reopened by a chef who has been operating a Japanese restaurant in Ginza for about 20 years. The interior design is a Sukiya style to reflect the chef’s personal fondness of tea ceremonies.The entire area is divided into an entrance, a private room, a counter, a table area. The design and materials were selected to differ in the nature of the space, based on the aesthetics of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room. The door of the façade is made from a 350 year old single piece of Kirishima cedar with a brass frame, a design fitting to represent the design of the restaurant. For the approach from the entrance to the dining area, the light is narrowed in the entrance space with a combination of bur... Altro

Progetto • By The Prestige GroupRistoranti

La Grande Boucherie

LA GRANDE BOUCHERIE, designed by Julien Legeard (The Prestige Group) and Emil Stefkov (Owner), aims to become a Parisian square in Midtown and one of the most authentically French dining destinations in Manhattan. Located at 145 West 53rd Street, the restaurant stretches the entire block of 6 ½ Avenue of the Americas. This one-of-a-kind brasserie is inspired by the elegant and ornamental Art Nouveau style, which evokes the optimism from the turn of the century, transported to present-day New York. The gallery (outdoor plaza) is stretching from the length of the block, open at each end, and features a soaring, arched skylight and a heated floor. This enables the restaurant to offer year-round outdoor seating options for 150 diners. In... Altro

Progetto • By Paco Lago InteriorizaBar


New York, second decade of the twentieth century. The sale of alcohol is prohibited and the so-called "speakeasy" or clandestine slums, bars behind closed doors, exclusive and where only a few have access. The imprint that these clandestine spaces left was such that since then all cities have their exclusive secret bar, and Malaga was not going to be less. In recent years, the offer of bars, restaurants, pubs and discos is booming, the center of Malaga capital, increasingly cosmopolitan, offers a great diversity of peculiar places. To this leisure offer is added a new business model, recently opened, located in the heart of Malaga's nightlife, a few steps from the popular Plaza de La Merced. The clueless passerby will run into a small fast-... Altro

Progetto • By Metaphor Interior ArchitectureRistoranti

Modern Presentation of a Chinese dining

Imperial Lamian is one of the most anticipated contemporary Chinese restaurant in the heart of River North in Chicago serving fusion cusiine. The restaurant boast exquisite dishes that will entice tastebuds of Chicago residents and its visual appeal will take restaurant design virtually to new heights. Upon entering the premises, guests are greeted by a grand marble stone reception desk backed by Asian-inspired graphic styled partitions complemented by blue-colored birdcages lighting fixtures in various shapesand sizes hung above the ceiling. Inside, the restaurant is equipped with contemporary open-styled kitchen that lets guests oversee activities of the chefs and preparation of dishes behind the glass. An ever more popular concept for... Altro

Progetto • By Surfacing SolutionRistoranti


Domu's interior has a warm, earthy palette: walls, shelving and counters are constructed from the same clay block and complemented by real wood tambour veneers.   The grooved tambour panels provide an orderly appeal that contrasts well with the patterned red brick pavers adoring the free standing walls behind the bar and under the booths.   These subtle tones and  textures lend to a saturated space that feeld warm and harmonious. Altro

Progetto • By Surfacing SolutionBar

Kingside at Viceroy

Kingside, the restaurant and bar in the Viceroy Hotel New York. Architects Roman and Williams incorporated tambour panels along the bar front to enhance a rich interior clad in a black and white tile floor. Leather bar chairs, a steel counter, tile walls, and and hanging lights combine together to create the feel of a true classical American eatery. Altro

Progetto • By Studio LocomotiveRistoranti

Thai Brasserie by Blue Elephant

“LIBERAL WITH LEGACY” After 40 prestigious years representing worldwide as a royal Thai cuisine ambassador, Blue Elephant group, having six restaurants in five countries, two cooking schools, and a premium Thai grocery supply business, launched its first mall restaurant ‘Thai Brasserie by Blue Elephant’ in Phuket to open doors to wider groups of Thai food admirers. The identity and spatial experience of this outlet are a blueprint to the overseas expansion of an unaccustomed fast-casual Thai restaurant concept, adopting a vibrant, experimental, and dynamic gastronomy execution presented with the legacy of Blue Elephant.    Studio Locomotive communicates through the experiential space these aspiring busin... Altro

Progetto • By Studio LocomotiveRistoranti

Saffron Cruise

“THE GASTRONOMIC EXCURSION ON THE CULTURAL RHYTHM”   Saffron Cruise, a 38-meter-long dining riverboat, is the first branch on-water of an international hospitality brand Banyan Tree’s celebrated Thai restaurant Saffron and the first cruise on Chao Phraya River to host full MICE functions. Offering two gastronomic excursion styles, a rooftop Moon Deck featuring an oval-shaped bar and an indoor dining deck highlighting a live kitchen and extensive curving skylights for an optimal view taking, Saffron Cruise becomes a perfect ride to appreciate the confluence of an authentic Thai culinary delicacy and Thailand’s capital landmarks such as Temple of Dawn, The Grand Palace, and Rama VIII Bridge, evidencing a three-c... Altro

Progetto • By Set | DesignersBar

Il Rifrullo

Il progetto parte dall’analisi e dallo studio del Rifrullo, un locale dalla storia antica che non ha mai perso popolarità nel panorama fiorentino. Il Rifrullo ha vinto la sfida del tempo perché si è saputo trasformare sfoggiando negli anni volti e stili nuovi, ma mantenendo sempre il suo inconfondibile tratto vintage. Il nuovo Rifrullo per questi motivi prevede la progettazione di uno spazio che riesca a coniugare modernità e tradizione.L’intervento punta a creare un luogo contemporaneo che tenga conto di due vite che si svolgono al suo interno, quella del bistrot durante il giorno e quella del cocktail bar durante la sera.I materiali usati rispecchiano quella che è la tradizione della cit... Altro

Progetto • By Arkham ProjectsRistoranti


Cienfuegos, il fuoco perfetto; fuoco protagonista, fuoco creativo, fuoco trasformante. Il fuoco, elemento primario presente nella scelta di ogni materiale; l'argilla trasformata in tegole, la sabbia trasformata in bottiglie di vetro, il legno trasformato in carbone. Il fuoco trasforma la bistecca in piatti, e i piatti in esperienze gastronomiche che parlano di uno Yucatan contemporaneo e senza tempo.   Cienfuegos è mistero, misticismo e magia. Presentato alla città come un grande volume solido, permanente e imponente... come una caverna, una caverna dove chi la visita sarà spettatore degli elementi primari della cucina e della loro trasformazione.   Le pareti principali, una di gabbioni di roccia vulcanica... Altro

Progetto • By KTX archiLABRistoranti

The Parellel Blue

Located in one of the most bustling night life spots in Japan, The Parallel Blue offers a new aquarium dining experience in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Challenging the ocean themed possibilities in the heart of the concrete jungle, the new restaurant turns the simple hospitality environment into an immersive space where dinners are submerged in an aquarium universe. The roles are inversed, the dining room is now contained in a box and surrounded by oceanic sceneries, instead of the classical ornamental or decorative use of aquariums. The available room, however, not exceeding the 94 square meters, and the ceiling height limited at a crushing 2.1m, were decisive in shaping the dinning space. Considering the water tanks heavy weight to be introduced i... Altro

Progetto • By NOARQ - Jose Carlos Nunes de OliveiraRistoranti

H O R A bistro

There was there a buffet with tradition at lunchtime. A pleasant little square, parodaxally surrounded by modest housing, with balconies ornamented by the prosaic habits of the locals, shared by Chef Miguel Reis. A landscape of habits is not enough for the restless spirit and the aspiration of the food lovers - to welcome, to serve and delight.   We found two uncharacteristic commercial spaces, cleaned in white, with a rectangular plant. Thus, animated by half a dozen bucolic motives. Only a diagonal extension hid the toilets. Empty, devoid of intention, this is the image I retain of it.   There was no budget for adjectives, the only possible one was “worthy”. Dignity is the quality of what is honest, appropriate a... Altro

NotizieMaterializzazione • 23 lug 2020

Unified spatial concept accented with Mexican craftsmanship at Santomate

In the city of Morelia, Mexico a 19th-century colonial-style construction that integrates 3 different properties via a central patio with a great variety of vegetation forms the basis of new restaurant concept Santomate by Daniela Bucio Sistos. Credit: Dane Alonso The three spaces that now form the restaurant are almost monochromatic both inside and outside to avoid the distraction that comes from a variety of textures and materials. The range of colours selected - right down to the bathrooms -  is inspired by shades of green, blue and yellow, which are found in the region's glazed pottery. Credit: Dane Alonso The restaurant is entered through a narrow street door, upon which visitors are greeted by a dark green foyer. From... Altro

NotizieNotizie • 26 giu 2020

New Miami sushi restaurant offers a playful contemporary take on traditional Japanese joinery

Miami’s new Kosushi Restaurant by Studio Arthur Casas offers customers the experience of Japanese vernacular architecture combined with a highly creative, and contemporary take on wood joinery and materiality.   Filippo Bamberghi Central to the space is a woodworking concept that creates moments of wonder and surprise. Inspired by Japanese building traditions, the structure draws from the Japanese art of joinery, in which structures are created with complex joints and without the use of glue or metal supports.  Filippo Bamberghi Light oak was used for the entirety of the restaurant’s woodwork and is combined with grayish tones and concrete textures for the walls. All design metals are in a bronze finish, re... Altro

NotizieNotizie • 25 giu 2020

Kyiv’s best restaurants drawn together within a revitalized industrial artefact

The new Kyiv Food Market is located inside a former military arsenal building dating from the end of the 18th century. Once a cold and empty space, it is now a meeting place that draws together Kyiv’s best restaurants under one roof. The concept was undertaken by the balbek bureau team (architecture) and developed by Alex Cooper, an innovator of food market projects, and restaurateur Mikhail Beilin. Yevhenii Avramenko Spatially, the food court restaurant units ring the perimeter of the space, leaving an open central atrium with approximately 300 seating places. As it was necessary to retain the original atrium height, all auxiliary spaces were placed above the food units.  Yevhenii Avramenko The geometry of the fa&cce... Altro