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Prodotto • By Firestone Building Products EMEARESISTA PIR Insulation

RESISTA PIR Insulation

The power of PIR insulation Firestone RESISTA is a high-performance polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board laminated on both sides to a gastight multi-layered aluminum-kraft facer (AK) or mineral coated glass fiber facer (MG). It can be installed over wooden, concrete, and metal roof decks, both on new-build and refurbishment projects, regardless of the roof slope (boards are available flat and tapered). RESISTA insulation boards are compatible with a wide variety of waterproofing membranes and adhesives and are suitable for use on mechanically fastened, fully adhered, and ballasted roofing systems.  Firestone RESISTA insulation boards provide outstanding and durable thermal resistance, dimensional stability, and compressive strengt... Altro

Prodotto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAV-Gard Vapor Control Membrane

V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane

Get more control on the flow of energy Buildings need to be more energy-efficient, which is also driven by regulations. The roof is a large part of the total building envelope and has an important impact on the flow of energy. Vapor control membranes play a very important role in this. Firestone’s V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane is designed to be used as a vapor control layer in Firestone roofing systems. It consists of reinforced aluminum foil with self-adhesive bituminous backing, protected by a release film. The fiberglass reinforcement provides high strength to the membrane, which guarantees excellent mechanical performance.    Why choose Firestone’s V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane? V-Gard provides an excellent va... Altro

Progetto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFabbriche

Meama Coffee Factory

Whoever said a factory should look grey and dull? The Meama Coffee Factory, gracing the hills around the city of Tbilisi, is a sight to behold. Combining futuristic elements but still abiding by the shape of the surrounding hills, the L-shaped structure features folded exterior concrete walls, angled glazed walls, numerous skylights and atriums and an impressive green roof.  Founded in 2016, the Meama Coffee Factory has quickly risen to become the largest coffee producer in Georgia. The company imports high-quality coffee beans from all over the world to be roasted and grinded to meticulous quality standards, resulting in the finest coffee blends. To ensure a consistent flavor pattern in its premium coffee capsules, Meama felt it was... Altro

Progetto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAAlloggio


The Nassauhaven, in the Feijenoord district in Rotterdam, was originally an industrial area for companies that had to be located on waterways and needed a railway connection. In the second half of the 20th century, when road transport became more popular, many companies left the area and the Nassauhaven turned into an unused harbor basin. Light as a feather, yet robust In 2019, Public Domain Architects (PDA) started a first pilot to develop a neighborhood of 18 houses floating on the Nassauhaven’s tidal water. The houses were designed to be future-proof, sustainable and great to live in. In crowded cities such as Rotterdam, where there is limited space and a growing demand for quality housing, this project presented itself as a very... Altro

Progetto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAUffici

Cougnaud Campus

French company specialized in industrial modular buildings chose Firestone’s RubberGard EPDM membrane to waterproof the roof of the ‘Cougnaud Campus’ on the west of France. With an area of ​​5,000 m², the prefabricated modular building houses Cougnaud Construction’s 250 employees since January 2019 and is a true manifesto in favor of eco-responsible construction.    Why RubberGard EPDM ? Cougnaud Construction imagined a new generation roof that would contribute to the reduction of the building’s overall carbon footprint. With a service life of more than 50 years, Cougnaud was convinced to use RubberGard EPDM thanks to its compatibility with green and photovoltaic systems and its chemical inert... Altro

Progetto • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandEdifici individuali

Font House

Gluckman Smith Architects’ Font House project – announced as an RIBA Regional Awards winner – is defined by its palette of high quality materials, including pre-weathered brass copper roofing. Font House is located within a historic walled garden in the grounds of Grade I listed Nevill Holt Hall in Leicestershire, UK. The new house and landscaped garden provide discreet entertainment space, supporting Nevill Holt’s Opera festival, and is at the heart of the owner’s vision of breathing new life into a historic country estate. The design takes on a symmetrical form with the composed presence of a pavilion. A large central reception space is framed by two simple bedrooms that project beyond the central mass of t... Altro

Progetto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAAppartamenti

La Petite Halle

Faced with global warming and increasingly demanding local regulations, the mindsets home owners are changing. They want to move into houses that respect the environment and are energy efficient without sacrificing architectural quality. French architect Jean-Marc Proche and property developer Karine Maury sought to develop passive housing built from a polystyrene/concrete formwork system. Three years ago, they embarked on the design and marketing of an eco-responsible neighborhood project. In 2018, a first program named “La Petite Halle” was set up 50 km north of Paris, in Luzarches. Delivered at the beginning of 2020, it accommodates 16 apartments and two bungalows connected with 18 garages in wooden structure. Each house has... Altro

Prodotto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFIRESTONE ULTRAPLY™ TPO


Premium quality since 1996 Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) roofing membranes are among the fastest growing commercial roofing products in the market. However, not all TPO membranes are the same. With an unchanged formulation since 1996, Firestone Building Products’ UltraPly TPO thermoplastic roofing membrane is the smart choice when looking for a light colored, environmentally friendly roofing solution. It combines aesthetics with strong resistance to UV radiation, heat, weathering and outstanding seam strength.   Why choose UltraPly TPO?UltraPly TPO is compounded using a proper balance of flexible polyolefin polymers, high quality UV, heat and ozone stabilizers, antioxidants, non-halogenated fire retardants and pigments. The... Altro

Prodotto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFIRESTONE RUBBERGARD™ EPDM


EPDM roofing solution for a superior result Single-ply waterproofing systems have been steadily gaining market share. Outstanding durability, ease of installation, and ability to optimize the energy efficiency of buildings while minimizing their environmental impact are key factors behind this trend. Firestone Building Products’ RubberGard EPDM roofing membrane ticks all these boxes. RubberGard EPDM is a single-ply waterproofing membrane for flat and low slope roofs of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It offers outstanding durability, resilience and adaptability to current and future building needs. The installation of RubberGard EPDM is flame-free, making onsite working conditions safer. Being a single-ply membran... Altro

Progetto • By Coussée & Goris ArchitectenSpazi Verdi Urbani

Het Zwin Nature center

La riserva ornitologica e naturale "Het Zwin" è un'area naturale protetta tra le Fiandre e i Paesi Bassi. L'incarico comprendeva la riprogettazione del parco naturale esistente e la creazione di un nuovo centro visitatori.   L'autentico paesaggio marittimo con le sue dune di sabbia, le pianure fangose e le saline, modellato dalla brezza marina, è costituito principalmente da linee ondulate. All'interno di questo paesaggio ondulato gli architetti di COUSSÉE & GORIS hanno costruito volumi lineari astratti come ancoraggi nel paesaggio. Questi interventi architettonici consistono in una serie di linee parallele, che da un lato strutturano il paesaggio e dall'altro lo riparano come schermi di vento nella zona di Z... Altro

Prodotto • By Marley EternitClay Plain

Clay Plain

Marley Eternit is the UK's leading manufacturer of clay tiles and fittings. Our extensive range contains plain and interlocking clay tiles with colour and texture options, which meet the aesthetic and performance demands of all types of roofing applications. Whilst our dry fix and ventilation systems allow rapid weathertight installation and fixing.Our extensive range of clay tiles contains the widest choice of colours and profiles available in the UK. All Marley Eternit clay plain tiles have received a 'Very Good' rating for BES 6001 the framework for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Materials. Whether you want a straight forward quality clay plain tile, a handmade premium tile or a large for... Altro

Progetto • By Cupa PizarrasAlloggio

Tail Mill Merriott

The Exeter branch of RSL recently worked closely with developer Zero C, recommending CUPA PIZARRAS to supply natural slate roofs to the developer’s top end housing development in Somerset. The quality, long lifetime guarantee of CUPA PIZARRAS’ product as well as its highly aesthetic appearance won the specification for the West Country development, which features a listed mill property and elegant new roof designs. Tail Mill in Merriott, close to Crewkerne in Somerset, is being refurbished and converted along with the construction of new residential properties, built by developer Zero C - with the three and four bedroom executive homes commanding asking prices of £4-500,000. Yeovil based Davey Roofing is the specialist sub-contractor whi... Altro

Progetto • By Henning Stummel Architects Ltd.Alloggi Privati

Tin House

The back land site of the Tin House is entered from a modest London street through a ‘massive’ Soanian brick double-height arch – a gateway to a remarkable domestic inner world.Creating a secluded place was a priority. The architects’ response was to develop a low, inward-looking, tranquil courtyard that is open to the south yet offers privacy, both visual and acoustic. The design is a composition of different pavilions: six earth-coloured metal-clad pyramidal top-lit forms. The Tin House maximizes space through these six interconnected pyramidal pods where the colour coated steel GreenCoat PLX BT was specified for the roofs and faćades. This gave cohesiveness to the separate but conjoined units allowing the project to create a dialogue wit... Altro

Progetto • By RockpanelScuole Primarie

Les Trèfles Primary School

La nuova scuola elementare Les Trèfles di Anderlecht, in Belgio, unisce armoniosamente innovazione educativa, design sostenibile e architettura attraente. L'eccezionale progetto, dello studio di architettura Árter di Bruxelles, è stato quindi selezionato per il bando "Edifici esemplari 2012" dell'ente pubblico Brussels Environment-IBGE/BIM.   La scuola, che ospita 750 bambini dai 4 ai 12 anni, è composta da quattro cerchi parzialmente sovrapposti collegati da ampie passerelle e da una palestra adiacente. I tre cerchi più grandi presentano aule nella "pelle" e campi da gioco circolari riparati in un nucleo aperto. Un edificio circolare a due piani fornisce l'ingresso, gli spazi tecnici e la portineri... Altro

Prodotto • By Firestone Building Products EMEAFirestone RubberCover™ EPDM

Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM

Impermeabilizzazione rapida e semplice. Nessuna fiamma. Nessuna preoccupazione. Il sistema Firestone EPDM RubberCover è progettato per essere particolarmente adatto all’impermeabilizzazione di piccole coperture piane residenziali come verande, tettoie, ampliamenti, garage, sporgenze di tetti, giardini d’inverno, casette per giardini e rivestimenti di gronde. Firestone EPDM RubberCover, il sistema di impermeabilizzazione per tutti i tetti piani, rapido, semplice, senza fiamma ed efficace. Maggiori informazioni. Altro