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NotizieNotizie • 8 mag 2021

Architecture of Kindergarden Enneberg encourages children to creatively develop their senses and abilities

A playful place for learning, this kindergarten extension in South Tyrol by Architekt Andreas Gruber was developed in close collaboration with educational staff to create a light-filled, child-friendly space that encourages children to learn through playful games and interaction with their immediate environment. Gustav Willeit The exterior façade, made of thermal brick, plaster, and natural wood, reflects the playful nature of children and the project concept with the use of colour, different heights and distances of windows, which frame different alpine landscape views. Gustav Willeit The flexible classrooms feature a range of scales and proportions, providing accessibility along with more sheltered and reserved places,... Altro

NotizieNotizie • 18 feb 2021

konoA digs aggregate concrete extension into Tyrol hillside

konoA chose for contrast when they designed the Gasser House extension. The dark exposed aggregate concrete stands out against the traditional white Tyrol vernacular. Contrast between old and new, solid and transparent, black and white. Samuel Holzner The client wished for bright living spaces with generous terraces. konoA dug the extension into the hillside to limit the above ground volume. The additional units have their own street access. Samuel Holzner The facade is made of exposed aggregate concrete, wood and glass. The materials enhance the contrast between the existing house and the sculptural extension. The facade can serve as a climbing aid for plants. Samuel Holzner The base houses space for parking and cellar ro... Altro

NotizieNotizie • 26 gen 2021

Treehouse concept drives the design for South Tyrol hotel extension

In Siusi, South Tyrol, Parc Hotel Florian has been expanded with ten new suites in a new stand-alone building. Designed by Noa* architects, the design brief was to connect the new build to the existing structure and preserve as the unique surrounding landscape, which includes ancient trees, an idyllic pond and outdoor pool. Alex Filz To leave as much of the existing land as possible untouched, the new building is elevated on a series of three-meter high supports, leaving the grounds below fully accessible. The intellectual concept of the building as treehouse thus began to take shape. Alex Filz At the end of a connecting walkway that forms the backbone of the new development, a two-storey structure contains the new suites, with... Altro

Progetto • By Manuel Benedikter Architekt ArchitettoAlloggi Privati


La richiesta del cliente era di ristrutturare energeticamente solo la metà di loro proprietà di una villa bifamiliare. Con la riqualifica energetica è stato possibile usufruire del bonus cubatura e rendere così abitabile anche il sottotetto.Al piano terra adesso si trova l’appartamento dei genitori e al primo e secondo piano è sta realizzata la nuova abitazione per il figlio.Tutto l’ampliamento è stato eseguito con una struttura a montanti e traversi in legno coibentato con fibra di legno.L’ampliamento al piano terra ha fatto sì che la pianta risulti ora un quadrato quasi perfetto. Ai due piani superiori si è optato per ridurre il volume verso sud creando così... Altro

Progetto • By Metall RittenCantine

Tramin Winery

The facade of the new winery in Tramin is imaginatively woven into the surrounding vineyards. The visual core of the spectacular building are the vine – like aluminium cylinders, which "grow around" an angled glass facade. We are pleased that our ideas in the choice of materials and, above all, the exact and complicated production of 500 different individual bodies made of aluminium were an important contribution to this outstanding architecture. Altro

Progetto • By Metall RittenCentri Rspositivi

Messner Mountain Museum Firmian

No stone is like another. That is why all 137 steel windows in the "Messner Mountain Museum" at Sigmundskron Castle have different dimensions. Countless detailed solutions were required: whether for the installation of entire storeys, the measurement of small metal rods or the stabilisation of a floating cinema auditorium – we found them all. Now an outstanding architecture of glass and steel is nestling against the age-old building fabric. A lasting connection, because there is no metal element like the other. The museum's architect, Werner Tscholl, was awarded the prestigious "Architetto Italiano 2016" prize in the course of this construction. Altro