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Progetto • By Openbox ArchitectsAppartamenti

Saladaeng One

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”    -Michelangelo-                                                                                        The famous quote of master sculptor seems to best describe the level of inspiration that drove OPENBOX Architects to create such a marvel. It all began with a simple design direction from the client for the architect to create something base... Altro

Progetto • By Openbox ArchitectsResidenze

The Base Height

Phuket’s well-known Sino Portuguese style shophouses have been a prominent feature of downtown Phuket for generations. This sparks inspiration for the project, to create a new residential space with a sense of traditional style. By bringing outstanding characteristics into the architecture and landscape design, such as rows of shophouses, old lantern design, integrating courtyard, multi-leveled landscape, bay window, traditional building fretwork pattern, and the project’s location, we have created a unique form of architecture.   Located in the midst of Phuket’s old town shophouses at the junction between Yaowarat road and Hongyok Utis road, the project has an interesting feature of an entrance through a narrow all... Altro
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand

Progetto • By Openbox ArchitectsShowroom

La Habana : Sale Gallery

La Habana, a new resort-like condominium is only 250 meters from the ocean and nearby the Cicada and Tamarind night markets. La Habana design inspired by “Eclectic design” of Classic Spanish Colonial architecture and the vibrant colors of Havana City in Cuba.The unique identity makes the project a “Remarkable” low-rise condominium in the Heart of Hua Hin. The first approach of La Habana is a Havana cafe style lobby, while the “Rusted steel Arch Colonnades” is used to represent the “Rustic European” architecture concept of the country rich history. La Habana design concept demonstrated the Havana city atmosphere by the overall European façade elements with colorful tinted. The resort-like condominium starts from breaking the buildi... Altro

Progetto • By WalllasiaPadiglioni

No Sunrise No Sunset Pavilion

‘Yai Sa is the symbol of love and awaiting. She has been waiting for someone she loves who has been leaving her to search for the ultimate truth and promise her, he will return to her when he finds it. Everyday, she stands at this same point waiting for him. What is the ultimate truth? And where is it? Is it extrinsic? Or is it already has in our mind? Which is love, mercy, change, death, emptiness, or oneness. ‘No Sunrise No Sunset’ because “The sun stays in the same place, but the world itself is spinning around”.We see the worldas the way we want so the world is like the way we are. Since we see the world as the way it is, we will see beauty and virtue of its nature.   This project is a life-specific... Altro

Progetto • By THstudio ArchitectsPiano Generale


New Synchrotron Light Research Institute, ThailandThe key Concepts of Design Make tomorrow better is the vision of Synchrotron, Thailand. The vision is applied into the key concept. Synchrotron is the scientific innovation of human being and tomorrow is interpreted as the future of human being.The concept of the design is "better future mate” of living and innovation. Living and innovation of human being relate to technology/nature/ culture/local/ global. Such dimensions make tomorrow better supported by science.Zoning for future mateThe programs are grouped by ten major buildings with the circular synchrotron building is in the center. The ten major buildings originally are organized along the main axis, allowing the buildings to connect w... Altro