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Progetto • By Estudio CavernasCentro Visitatori

Koh Kong Mangrove Lodging

Koh Kong, a peninsula in the Gulf of Thailand and part of Cambodia’s 450-kilometre coastline, features a number of closely interrelated ecosystems. Expansive mangrove forests carve out small islands, waterways, and ecologically diverse estuaries along the coast, creating a vital and fragile ecosystem which local communities rely on for their livelihoods. In recent decades, economic development in the country, characterized by widespread natural resource exploitation, has devastated Koh Kong’s wildlife and has marginalized local communities from the forests, fisheries, and arable areas which they need to live and thrive. Koh Kong Mangrove Lodging provides an alternative model of development, one that is rooted in the preservatio... Altro

Progetto • By Avarrus ArchitectsAlloggi Privati

Villa Deer

Villa Deer is a combination of an old summer house and it’s modern extension. Existing 1960’s cabin was built to lakeside in a former municipilaty of Kisko in Southwest Finland. Now a part of municipality of Salo, Kisko is known for it’s old copper mines but these days it’s mainly habited by summer residents.The old cabin was relatively small consisting only of one room and a sauna and bathing spaces. The lone room was for both sleeping and livingroom purposes. New habitants needed more space for family members and visitors, so they decided to make an extension of two bedrooms.Idea for the extension was to make a modern and radical architecture compared to the modest gable roofed summer house architecture of the 1960’s. Slanted end wall and... Altro

Progetto • By El Sindicato ArquitecturaAlloggi Privati

Parasitic House

“Poor is not who owns little, but who needs a lot” Mujica.   Design and construction of a 12 sq.m dwelling, located on the rooftop of an existent building at the popular neighbourhood San Juan in Quito-Ecuador   Casa parásito(Parasitic house) is a minimal design object, focused in solving the basic habitation necessities for a person or young couple: It includes: bathroom, kitchen, bed, storage space and To-be space ( eating, working and socializing), which secure all the facilities of a dwelling in a reduced area.   The project is developedfrom an A–frame façade. Its concept comes from the seek of the optimum space for living according to the activity we perform. We proposed a rectangularcore, where all the standing activities are performe... Altro

Progetto • By Avarrus ArchitectsAlloggi Privati

Base Street Trio

Base Street Trio is a three-apartment row house situated in Tammisalo neighborhood of eastern Helsinki, Finland. Tammisalo is an old residential area with mostly single family homes and row houses built after 1950’s, but the history goes beyond that as the area was a part of 19th century mansion grounds. Being an island Tammisalo is surrounded by water and small forests. Nature is present everywhere as characteristic old and tall pine trees grow on many yards of many homes.   As the city grows and needs more space for it’s recidents, properties in the loosely built residential areas are being coped with denser land to building ratio which allowed building three apartments to a small lot instead of two. On the steep site, approach was for ho... Altro

Progetto • By Benjamin FleuryAppartamenti


This project is integrated into a suburban housing environment. Located in the Rue des Chantereines in the city of Montreuil, the site of the project faces housing blocks typical from the sixties which heights goes from five to ten stories. On the other hand, the inner borders of the parcel are surrounded with houses and their gardens.   COOPIMMO is our client. It is cooperative for affordable housing, that has become one of the first producer of social accommodations with a renting-purchasing system. COOPIMMO is also a pioneer at the national scale on using the « Fair Lease Agreement », a plan that regulates the price of the land for this type of constructions. Its structure allows it to take action all around... Altro

Progetto • By Rizzardini ArquitecturaStrutture di Ricerca

Centro de Investigación Socioambiental

The architectural design took into account local construction techniques to better integrate the ecosystem, reducing construction costs and better maintenance.It represents an example of low environmental impact: local materials of low impact, low water consumption, re-use of gray water in irrigation, rainwater collection and lighting with solar energy. Altro

Progetto • By Mirck ArchitecturePaesaggio Residenziale

daylighthouse 2

The site of Daylighthouse 2 is next to the huge lake IJsselmeer. In between the lake and the house is a beautiful swamp for birds. Almere planned row houses on this location and the town house is the end of a row facing south west. Mirck Architecture translated the wishes of the client into a wooden cube of 9 by 9 by 9 meter. The facade, inner space and climate are influenced by sunlight and daylight. The particular structure of the cube is shown everywhere and continued in the plot wall and the shed.The ground floor living space is fully glazed to the south and west side. The sun protection is created by the cantilevered bedroom volume above. To the north, a split level opens the inner space, creating voids. In the voids special shiny roun... Altro

Progetto • By rue royale architectesCentri Comunitari

la queue du lézard

At the core of the urban renewal project for the Mireuil district of La Rochelle, “La Queue du Lézard” (“The Lizard’s Tail”) is a complex of local community amenities which is part of a plan proposed by ANRU (the French National Agency for Urban Renewal) developed together with landscape designers from the In Situ firm. A community centre, city sports grounds and a games library are grouped together in a 200 m long narrow strip made up of alternating built elements and voids.The daring, deliberately marked architectural style is integrated into the urban planning of large housing complexes. It is a cross-cutting place that provides functions, activities and images for the future neighbourhood. This social, political and committed project is... Altro

Progetto • By SpacyRistoranti

Khao Authentic Thai Restaurant and Chef's Table

The project of Khao started after the owner and Chef Vichit Mukura, one of the most well-known Thai Chefs, decided to expand the original 10 seat Chef's Table in Sukhumvit 51. The architecture is inspired by Mid-century Modernism and the construction of local rice houses in Thailand.For this project, we started by identifying the existing trees, placing the landscape layout on the site and building the architecture around it. Using this method, we were able to make the main dining area, the private dining room, and the kitchen face the natural landscape built within. The clear corner glass and the 3.5m wide sliding glass door makes an invisible wall between architecture and nature.While caring for the finest diners in the Chef's Table, the... Altro

Progetto • By rue royale architectesScuole Secondarie

Rooms with a view

Rooms with a view", evokes not only the film of the same name, but also the magic of a domestic, landscaped setting. It is in this poetic, yet functional, spirit that the architects imagined their project for the LEGTA (Agricultural Technological and General High School) boarding house in Saint-Genis Laval.The need to comply with very stringent energy standards (BEPAS ) increased the complexity of the project’s starting point which was to provide an appropriate architectural solution for an imposing programme, which would fit into an agricultural landscape and organise the relationship with the existing buildings.A co-educational 96-bed boarding house with communal areas (common room, study rooms and staff housing) in addition to the teachi... Altro