Architecture is creative futurology. That is why we always try to understand the context in which we build – the physical surroundings as well as the social, cultural and historical context in general. It is a process that is ultimately about the people who will live in the buildings for many years to come. This dialogue often continues long after construction is complete. Architecture is story-telling. We listen to the story the site is telling us, and that story becomes part of the concept we develop. We investigate the site and we ask people questions in order to find the story the building should tell. This is the process we have summoned with the words ‘investigate, ask, tell, draw, build’. Architecture shapes the world. We constantly seek to develop designs that encompass in a single expression the spatial needs, the spirit of the location, the constructive solution and the main theme of the project. This is a process equally divided between craftsmanship and deliberations. And it is driven by a love of good design. Architecture shapes behaviour. That is why we try to create places where people can interact and communicate and where synergy can grow. We believe that buildings, like people, are more than just the sum of their many parts. We believe that it is possible to achieve a synthesis of design, function and context. That is why a holistic approach is our guiding principle, and why we are forever exploring the possibilities of building better, cleverer, more beautifully.
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