Atelier Chelsea Design is a West London-based Interior Design studio, founded by Anca Enica in 2022. Raised by an architect mother with an unwavering passion for designing homes, Anca has inherited an innate aesthetic sense for form and function. Over the last few years, she has worked closely on various interior design projects in London and has honed her craft through her studies at KLC School of Design. 

Anca is an entrepreneur at heart and thanks to her vast travels and cultural awareness, Anca has cultivated an understanding of various design styles and excels in communicating with clients from all corners of the globe. 

The hallmark of Anca's work is a cultural symbiosis, where immaculate lines take center stage. Her design philosophy is inspired by her eclectic international experiences, which seamlessly merge into unique sophistication and refinement.

The Atelier's designs are a fusion of simplicity and luxury, expertly intertwined with the architecture of the building and the needs of her clients. 

At present, the Atelier undertakes a diverse range of projects, from providing clients with luxurious furniture pieces to full-scale architectural renovations.

Atelier Chelsea Design オフィス
Atelier Chelsea Design
London, UK