Cimet Arquitectos is a vertically integrated architecture firm, spanning the built environment process from development to architectural design, and from construction to life-of-property management. This makes it possible to visualize the entire life of a building, contemplating all its present and future complexities in order to try to find a solution.

We believe in creating rich spatial experiences to enhance people's lives by creating a positive impact on our built environment. We strive to create elegant and timeless design through the principles of comfort, occupant experience, functionality, sustainability and energy efficiency, transportation-oriented development, seismic resilience, construction quality, material quality, and ease. of maintenance.

We apply strategic thinking to the construction process, applying creativity with a technical vision to achieve buildings of the highest constructive quality possible, either for a remodeling / reconstruction or for a structure that is born from scratch.

Led by the architects Sholem Cimet and Yoram Cimet, father and son, with more than 40 years of experience designing, building and developing to improve the urban environment focused on Mexico City, emphasizing the recovery of buildings with special attention to structural reinforcement and remodeling to give them new life.

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Cimet Arquitectos
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico