Established in 2000, Clear Lighting has dedicated itself to advancing and specializing in artisan engineering and meticulous craftsmanship of LED Flex Linear lighting technology.

Considering the demanding conditions of different sites, the emphasis on future-proofed functionality during the manufacturing process, ClearTech™ ensures the brilliance to set the mood and create a conversational piece that will cement your iconic design.

Our broad section complies with international safety standards such as CE, UL, ETL, CE, and  BIS. Coupled with our commitment to Hearts and Crafts, we will deliver you a superior customer experience with round-the-clock technical services. Light your way forward with a sustainable solution from a reliable partner.

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Nortronic | Distributor Norway
+47 66 81 38 60
Unex | Distributor Switzerland
+41 44 404 22 22