JGMA is a progressive architecture and design practice committed to active community involvement and the enrichment of peoples’ lives through the attentive and dynamic organization of space and materiality. We understand that quality design has a unique ability to influence civic life and transform communities.We proudly consider ourselves innovators in the field of architecture and are dedicated to formulating consistently unique solutions to every design opportunity. Our work is conceptually driven but exhibits the highest level of quality at every stage of design, construction, and occupancy. JGMA is led by the firm’s president, Juan Gabriel Moreno, and is supported by a talented team of experienced architectural professionals. While cultivating the aforementioned ideals, and after struggling within other firms to realize them, Mr. Moreno was compelled to strike out on his own to pursue them. Founded in 2010, JGMA was built on a groundwork that champions comprehensive investment in ideas and ideals. JGMA is devoted to serving the diverse neighborhoods which make Chicago an incomparable place to live, work, and visit. This objective emerged from the overwhelming realization that an inconceivable discrepancy exists in the allocation of resources given to education, social programs, and public space throughout the city. Many communities are deliberately neglected while others are selectively cultivated.We believe that good design should not be exclusive to the affluent. More often than not, quality design can most benefit those whom can seldom afford it. We have made it our mission to support community-based not-for-profit organizations to develop spaces and programs which are vital to the development of our communities. Whether this takes the form of offering pro-bono services, identifying grants, developing capital campaigns, or simply connecting clients with decision-makers from the public and private sectors, we will always advocate for organizations which are positively impacting our city. At JGMA, we strive to challenge convention in architecture. The prevalence of apathy and indifference throughout our field are rendering our city monotonous and mundane. We pursue this goal by persistently cultivating our perception of what “architecture” is, and understanding that every project has the potential to foster new audiences and lifestyles. As designers, we reject the notion that designs can be reused or solutions can be predetermined. We work to challenge convention in search of innovative, effective, and progressive designs.Our rigorous process of investigation and design exploration decidedly allows us to achieve results that transcend the repetitive and boilerplate solutions seen so frequently in our industry today. Our designs transform spaces, places, and conceptions.
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JGMA Chicago
223 West Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60654, USA