Kruger Bensen Ziemer Architects (KBZ) has experience providing professional design services since 1960. We invite your critical inspection of the projects included in this website, both as they appear in presentation form and in reality. You are particularly urged to inquire about the quality and thoroughness of the architectural services rendered from the people who own and use these buildings. What single factor do we feel is the key to our effectiveness as an architectural firm? Very simple, the philosophy of personal service. On each project, a principal member of the firm works directly with and is responsible to the client. In this way, he can conceive the design, control the preparation of plans and specifications, and supervise actual construction. this unique practice has result in better continuity of services, superior coordination and reduced costs on the job. Today, We still follow and believe this philosophy of personal service. On all of our projects, both public or private, we are committed to our clients and provide the highest level of services, in terms of responsiveness, timeliness and the efficient completion of accurate contract documents. Our commitment is to provide you with a professional team dedicated to taking your project successfully through to its completion.
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KBZ Architects
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