Taking advantage of their North American and European experience in several world-renowned architectural firms, the founders of MU Architecture have gained international experience alongside multidisciplinary teams in Montreal, Vienna, Barcelona and Dubai and have developed a wide range of expertise. Actively involved in each project, they can lead to term insurance plans conform to the standards and regulations in North American or European. The firm MU Architecture, based in Montreal since 2010, specializes in architecture and contemporary design and already has to his credit residential, institutional, commercial and industrial. The desire of MU Architecture design of sensitive areas is reflected in the conceptual nature of his projects, his obvious attention to detail and workmanship. The typical features of the company are based on the ability to manage and adapt a variety of situations and applications, the importance given to the design phase, the design innovation and application of new technologies, on green architecture and great communication with the customer. Considering his passion for work, talents architectural design, his travel experiences and his desire to complicity with the client, MU Architecture thrives on new challenges and puts all the time and effort to achieve success. The approach Architecture has always been and will always be a mirror to society. Each architectural project contributes to the overall architectural culture and found to be a reflection of contemporary technologies. Thus, it bears a great responsibility to the public and the environment. Beyond the ecological values, we understand the importance of the correlation between an iconic structure and balance of an ecosystem and strive to develop this synergy. We use the latest technology of computer modeling and presentation (photo-realistic renderings and presentation generation augmented reality) and the latest construction technologies to redefine the human impact on the natural environment. We study the signals and trends from technology, nature and society to improve the lives and bring a new intensity to our artificial environment. We are dedicated to challenge the common perception of architecture often seen as the production of square meters. Our projects unify the concepts of structure, space and architectural expression in order to create a unique and infinite experience.
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