Design starts with a thorough analysis of the programme of requirements, the site, and the surroundings. Apparent contradictions between programme and context are embraced in defining a specific approach to a commission. Buildings derive their expression from the exploitation of contrasts: building versus surroundings, inside versus outside, old versus new, light versus dark. Our aim is to translate the potential contained in the design task into an ideal programme so that the rational and ideal programmes can form a synergy and reinforce each other. Underpinning each project is a clear visual concept and a well-considered design strategy. Key factors in our work are clarity, order, detailing, and use of material. These greatly determine the expression and consistency of a building, an integral aspect of which is the interior, linked inextricably to the exterior in our designs. These elements are deployed to give shape to the concept, and the architecture acquires the perfectionism that we strive for, no matter what the nature of the design task. A dialogue between the customer and the architect during the planning process is essential. Designing is about making choices, and we think the architect has the responsibility to explain the consequences of those choices. A thorough understanding of the requirements of customers and users is therefore indispensable. The portfolio of projects undertaken by our office is varied: public housing, villas, urban designs, shopping centers, office complexes, and schools. Our work is often described in the press using terms like dynamic, functional,‘innovative use of materials, expressive, and‘fascination for technology. This last refers not only to the elaboration of architectural concepts, but also to the application of innovative techniques in seeking to advance the art of making buildings. In this respect, a central concept in our thinking is that good architecture must transcend the era of its creation.
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