Not long ago we opened spAce attempting to work with corporate groups which have clear in mind that space makes difference.

Our passion has been, from the beginning, design and architecture.

We have structured a new way of seeing architecture therefore developed methodologies inline with this vision.

A new way of looking at architecture:

Intending to be the best if not the biggest, we have integrated an interdisciplinary staff of highly talented and compromised professionals.

We take into account the importance of research and technology development, then we include them both in our method of thinking and working, always seeking after SUSTAINABLE solutions which not only RESPECT environment but actually help to improve our natural habitat.

We are convinced that ideas move quicker when think of people-technology-space side by side. In this way we have begun by setting intelligent people connected with intelligent technologies into intelligent spaces.

We have created various lines of business: CORPORATE ARCHITECTURE, both interior and exterior, COMMERCIAL ARCHITECTURE, POINTS-OF-SALE, MALLS and RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE, among others.

No matter it is a small space, a large building, campus, offices, shops or housing settlement, we do know that to achieve a great solution we have to begin from the inside. This is the basis of our philosophy; designing from inside out.


In few words said this is our history, for us this is the legacy of spAce.

Space Mexico オフィス
Space Mexico Mexico City
Mexico City, Mexico