SuperLimão Studio is a multidisciplinary team of creative minds. The Studio practice focus on the challenge of identifying human behaviors and design projects through many areas of architecture and design, considering the interaction between human and multiple environments. Our aim is to comprehend the influence of space flows and activities as an extension of individual behavior. Based on that, generate potential tools to help develop new technologies. We look up for new aesthetic languages inspired on the everyday life gathering functionality, simplicity and pleasure. Expertise and experience in different engineering areas are applied to our work in order to offer a careful service in all project process, from creation until our complete work. Our mission is to innovate on design processes and space concepts, questioning pre existing models. Furthermore, highlight possible failures and successes and look after enhance innovative design development techniques. Respect, consistency, integrity. Our design values are fully based on transparency with our clients, in order to identify and permeate their concepts and realities. This way we are able to understand the entire picture and synthesize this information into spaces that provide complete experiences.
Superlimão オフィス
SuperLimão Studio São Paulo
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Rua Aspicuelta, 245, São Paulo, Brazil