Since its founding in Florence, Italy in 1972, Terzani S.R.L. has worked to meld traditional Italian craftsmanship with modern technology to create lighting that blurs the lines among art, luxury and design. Founder, Sergio Terzani, and CEO, Nicolas Terzani, have furthered their experimentation in lighting design with the creation of the Terzani Lab, where new materials, techniques and ideas can be developed and tested. And Terzani continues to commission designs from renowned artists including Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Christian Lava and Dodo Arlsan who add their unique voices contribute to Terzani’s extensive collection. With their most recent and highly celebrated collection, Terzani has taken the next step in its evolutionary process - building from its position as an industry leader to create an incubator for the future of lighting where Terzani can focus on new ideas and continue to redefine the way luxury lighting is made.
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