The atelier is dedicated to the provision of architectural services and design, seeking always a balance between discernment (reason) and feeling (emotion) in the architectonical creation. The creation process develops from the early stage of consulting and advice, the development of the projects, coordination, monitoring, supervision, and finally the work’s delivery. It is a 360º integrated perspective, multifaceted, dynamic, critical and interactive. Each situation is unique such as each client. So, the client is not an occasional partner, but an intervenient that participates actively in the entire process and must be understood in the full extent of his relationship with the atelier and the project. For us, architecture is a matter of relations. Our projects are grounded on a stable and transversal basis, where the intertwining of context, idea and experience materializes every architectural work. It is with these proto-elements that we design. The work, the synthesis point, has as its central purpose to seek and find Beauty, placing it at the service of the client and of the society. We do not understand Beauty as a subjective criterion that is often associated. Being beautiful or ugly is not what we seek. Beauty goes far beyond aesthetic criteria. For us, the Beauty in architecture is in the truth of the design, the idea, the materialization and the experience; when it is the result of the development of an accurate idea anchored to the context, establishing a coherent structure in accordance with the materials chosen by logic criteria, culminating in the pleasurable experience (perception, comprehension and interpretation) of the work. An architecture without ideas anchored to the context, without the conscious of its own experience, of the materials, lights, shadows, colors, scale and proportion, is simply a construction. This is not what we want. We want to produce architecture!
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WAATAA Tondela
R. Eduardo António Coimbra, 46, Tondela, Portugal