10 carpets featured in commercial projects
Adrien Williams

10 carpets featured in commercial projects

7 Feb 2023  •  仕様  •  By Hiba Alobaydi

Carpets for offices are always a smart choice for commercial flooring because of their enticing design selections, great acoustics, and a multitude of other advantages.


High-velocity dye technologies allow custom carpet manufacturers to create virtually anything on high-quality materials at an affordable price. The flooring in an office space occupies a tremendous amount of space, so it is a crucial part of any design project.


The best office carpets enable you to maximise the use of this space by creating designs that define the brand you represent. Considering that carpets absorb and improve sound in an open office layout, they are the most practical flooring choice for an everyday work environment. Find a selection of our top picks below. 


1. Bloomberg’s New European Headquarters
photo_credit Nigel Young
Nigel Young

Bloomberg wins RIBA Stirling Prize 2018  Bloomberg’s new European headquarters, located in the heart of the City of London, has been awarded the Stirling Prize 201...

Our flexible manufacturing systems position Rols as a market leading specialist for hotels where customized carpet is an essential requirement. Inspired design, whether minimal or intricate, individualized colour comb...
2. Hotel Semiramis Athens

A colourful idea.  The personality of this hotel immediately catches your eyes. The concept was easy, but in practice was another story. Bedrooms and corridors plenty of shinny colours that contrasts the...

The main objective of a hotel, cinema, theatre, shipyard, any store or way of transport is to create long-lasting impressions and ensure a satisfying experience for the end-user, since happy customers are essential fo...
3. Ten01
photo_credit Michael Duerinckx | INCKX Photography
Michael Duerinckx | INCKX Photography

Private Label International designed Ten01, a thoughtful and engaging housing option for students attending the nearby Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Ten01 went through a full renovation, focusing on the...

Haven Collection
Shaw Contract
Traditional wisdom tells us there’s no place like home. It’s a universal truth. But what if home was not simply a place but a state of mind? The Haven carpet tile collection from Shaw Contract reimagines home as a moo...
4. Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen GmbH
photo_credit Nick Wolff
Nick Wolff

In the former laboratory area of the Gelsenkirchen Science Parc was implemented a new coworking space (New Work Lab) for start-ups and commuters from technology-oriented industries. In addition to 27 technically full...

Human Connections Carpet Tiles
Human Connections literally provides the sensory and natural cues that we seek in our fast paced lives, supporting the idea that the most positive spaces offer variability and choice. Eight different styles fit togeth...
5. Game On
photo_credit Javier de Paz García
Javier de Paz García

Game On is an international touring exhibition curated by the Barbican Centre London, which explores the history of computer games. It has now been redesigned after visiting more than 30 countries.  ...

Forbo Flooring Systems
Carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Carpet tiles with a loop pile construction are designed t...
6. Accel
photo_credit Richard Gooding
Richard Gooding

Accel is a pre-eminent venture firm.     The tight-knit partnership wanted an office design that was both classy and welcoming, where entrepreneurs and investors could collaborate in a mix of...

Naturally Drawn
Drawing its inspiration from watercolour painting, hand-sketching and drawing with ink, Milliken’s new collection ‘Naturally Drawn’ combines the natural beauty and simplicity of the artist’s hand with the pattern prec...



photo_credit Adrien Williams
Adrien Williams

OCAD U CO, or “CO” for short, is an executive training studio where companies take advantage of OCAD University’s focus on design thinking and creative problem-solving to drive change in their organi...

Color at Work
Shaw Contract
The Color at Work collection merges fields of color and pixelated pattern to create the framework for your open canvas. So show off your true colors - there's a palette of possibilities. Because life should never be d...
8. PKV
photo_credit Image courtesy PREMIER Interiors
Image courtesy PREMIER Interiors

INTERVIEW WITH ARCHITECT OF THE PROJECT ANDREA PASTRNEK    What was the brief? The task and task of the investor was to unify high-tech solutions wit...

Net Effect
Net Effect by Interface In a Blue state of Mind Try as you might, you will be hard-pressed to find a perfectly straight line in nature — certainly not in the undulatin...



9. TEL HI Childcare Center
photo_credit Garrett Rowland
Garrett Rowland

Children, parents, and staff entering the new childcare center for a confidential client in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood are transported from a concrete urban environment to an imaginative and sensor...

Human Nature
Global carpet tile manufacturer, Interface has launched its latest collection, Human Nature™, designed by David Oakey longtime Interface collaborator and world leader in sustainable design practices. Available globall...
10. HERE Technologies Office
photo_credit Studio de Winter | Herman de Winter
Studio de Winter | Herman de Winter

HERE is a company that is co-owned by three German car manufacturers: Audi, BMW and Daimler. HERE is a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences to the automotive industry, consumer market and business. T...

The combination or Fuse and Fields allows for endless creative expression with statement floors – or can be used to simply delineate different areas to great effect. The colour combinations of Fuse merges two distinc...