25 best aluminum window manufacturers
Fernando Alda for Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

25 best aluminum window manufacturers

13 May 2024  •  仕様  •  By Collin Anderson

Aluminum windows and window systems are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and structurally strong. Such attributes ensure longevity and reliability, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Aluminum's malleability allows for various designs, simple and intricate.

Key characteristics of aluminum windows include thermal performance, acoustic insulation and sustainability. Advanced manufacturing techniques, such as thermal break technology, enhance energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. Moreover, aluminum's recyclability contributes to some level of environmental friendliness.

In today's global market, aluminum windows and window systems offer a diverse range of products tailored to meet specific project requirements. Available in an array of colors, sizes, and frame types, these systems cater to various architectural styles and design preferences. Operable options, including casement, awning, and tilt-turn windows, provide flexibility in ventilation and user convenience. Fixed windows offer unobstructed views and enhanced natural lighting, while sliding windows optimize space utilization and ease of operation.

Manufacturers offer customization options to accommodate unique project demands, such as oversized windows for expansive facades or specialized finishes to complement interior aesthetics. With innovations in design and technology, aluminum windows continue to evolve, meeting the ever-changing demands of the construction industry.

These are 25 of Archello’s most popular aluminum window manufacturers specified by architects and designers, part of Archello's 25 best manufacturers series. 


1. panoramah!®, Switzerland

photo_credit Andrew Latreille for Mcleod Bovell
Andrew Latreille for Mcleod Bovell

Panoramah! is a pioneering force in minimalist window solutions, where glass takes center stage, comprising over 98% of the surface. Panoramah! vertically integrated its operations in 2011. With a 9-meter furnace and capacity for processing double- and triple-glazed units up to 29 square meters, Panoramah! ensures precision and quality across its product line. Panoramah! is among few manufacturers globally to handle every aspect of its systems' production, from design to installation. The company has a presence in 60 countries. Its popular ah!38 minimalist large format fixed and sliding aluminum windows offers great flexibility in the modular composition of openings, including opening corner solutions, pocket sliding configurations, curved layouts, tilted spans and retractable mosquito nets. It allows for a maximum double glazed surface area of 19 square meters and a triple glazed area of 6 square meters.


2. Reynaers Aluminium, Belgium

photo_credit Versluys Groep for Binst Architects nv
Versluys Groep for Binst Architects nv

Reynaers Aluminium is a Belgian market leader with a position in 30 countries where it has its own sites. Reynaers has 5,000 partner fabricators, architects, and project developers worldwide. It exports to more than 70 countries on 5 continents. Its product line includes the MasterLine 8 aluminum windows with low-carbon insulating materials and Cradle to Cradle® certification, a high-quality aluminum window series which offers reliable performance, versatile design options, and a wide range of functional applications.


3. VITROCSA, Switzerland

photo_credit José Hevia for Bet Capdeferro & Ramon Bosch
José Hevia for Bet Capdeferro & Ramon Bosch

Vitrocsa exports its systems to more than 60 countries on five continents. The company is an official member of SWISS LABEL, a recognized symbol of quality, safety and reliability for over a century. All of its micromechanical systems and solutions are designed in the Swiss town of Saint-Aubin-Sauges by technicians
trained to watchmaking standards. Vitrocsa has been certifying its products and constantly developing new innovations for more than 25 years. It manufactures products like Vitrocsa sliding window system with anodized aluminum alloy structure in multiple colors, a unique horizontal opening solution. The structure is anodized 25 micron aluminum alloy, in a natural color finish. 


4. SCHÜCO, Germany


Schuco is a leading manufacturer of windows and aluminum systems for facades, renowned for its innovation and expertise in architectural solutions. Founded in Germany in 1951, Schuco has established itself as a global leader in the industry, providing high-quality products tailored to the needs of architects, builders, and homeowners worldwide. The company has a presence in over 80 countries. Its Schüco aluminum window system FW 50+ BF for fire resistance provides 30 minutes of reliable fire resistance. Seamless transitions with standard façades and the segmented construction allow a harmonious envelope design.


5. Alumil S.A, Greece


With more than 30 years of experience and 2,200 employees designing and producing architectural aluminum systems, Alumil is one of the most advanced companies, owning state-of-the art production lines in 12 factories across Europe. Its notable products include SMARTIA S560 sliding and lift and slide insulated aluminum window system, a robust, thermally insulated system with lift and slide or regular sliding options, ideal for constructions with wide spans.


6. Solarlux GmbH, Germany

photo_credit Solarlux

Solarlux GmbH has been a specialist in flexible window and facade solutions for almost 40 years. With a diverse product range comprising bi-folding doors, sliding windows, glazed extensions, and balcony and facade glazing, the family-owned company provides high-quality solutions for new builds and modernization projects. All products are developed, produced, and tested internally and externally at the company’s plant in Melle, Lower Saxony. It manufactures products like CERO III sliding window system with slim frames and maximum transparency, which can move glass elements up to 15 square meters in size and 1,000 kilograms in weight effortlessly and silently. 


7. Keller minimal windows, Luxembourg

photo_credit Keller minimal windows
Keller minimal windows

Keller minimal windows® is a 50-employee manufacturer based in Troisvierges, Luxembourg. The company caters to the architectural trends toward transparency with systems that feature post-free corner solutions, minimal profile widths, and large glass areas. Keller minimal windows® frameless fixed and sliding system is ideal for glass walls, panoramic windows, and telescopic sliding systems with filigree static mullions.


8. Western Window Systems, United States

photo_credit Western Window Systems
Western Window Systems

Founded in 1959, Western Window Systems has grown into a leading manufacturer of moving glass walls and windows that unite indoor and outdoor spaces. Inspired by modern living, its high-quality products are available in customized sizes, standardized sets, and massive dimensions, allowing unlimited design possibilities in residential, multi-family, and commercial projects. Its Series 670 Hinged Window Line with clean design and optimal performance can be customized with options like casement, push-out casement, awning, or hopper style windows.


9. IQ Glass UK, United Kingdom

photo_credit IQ Glass UK
IQ Glass UK

IQ Glass has been the UK’s leaders in architectural glazing for many years. Its broad product range of architectural glazing products ensure its ability to offer a full turnkey service for architectural design projects. Completed projects have been recognized with some of the world’s most exclusive awards. Its Invisio thermally broken structural glazing window system is designed with fixings hidden by the building finishes, where multiple glass units can be silicone-jointed together for a frameless design. Invisio can reach large sizes and accommodate triple glazed units simply by using a deeper profile. The flexible nature of architectural glazing means the system can be used for a wide variety of applications including structural glass roofs, frameless glass walls, and glass balustrades. 


10. Sky-Frame AG, Switzerland

photo_credit Sky-Frame AG
Sky-Frame AG

Sky-Frame’s position as a leading sliding window system was achieved through single-minded commitment coupled with technical, architectural and spatial design expertise with the location of development and production operations in Switzerland. Sky-Frame products now feature in several thousand properties across all continents. Its notable products include Sky-Frame Classic rectilinear Swiss-made aluminum windows. Its rectilinear design, marrying Swiss precision with subtle aesthetics, pays homage to modernist pioneers like Mies van der Rohe and Richard Neutra. 


11. heroal, Germany

photo_credit heroal

The heroal portfolio stands for engineering work with the label "Made in Germany", with products manufactured at highly specialized production locations and some 900 employees. The guiding principle of the company is the systematic linkage of cost efficiency and ecology in all areas of business. The company uses recycled aluminum as well as renewable resources. Its heroal W 72 sustainable and cost-effective thermally insulated aluminum window system is an innovative generation of windows is based on a heroal-developed profile compound consisting of aluminum half-shells, polyamide thermal breaks and a completely foam-filled insulation zone. The system offers maximum transparency, thermal insulation and elegant design without visible casements and glazing beads. 


12. OTIIMA | Much more than a window, Portugal

photo_credit Adrià Goula
Adrià Goula

OTIIMA is an international trademark associated with three core areas of activity: metals, frames, and artworks. It collaborates closely with professionals at every stage, from conception through development, production, assembly, and installation, providing comprehensive support to meet their expectations. The company manufactures products like OTIIMA Classic frameless sliding doors and windows features toughened glass, renowned for its superior strength and durability, to enable the creation of expansive surfaces that enhance the transmission of natural light. The sliding mechanism is equipped with vertical stainless steel bearings, ensuring smooth and effortless manual operation. 


13. Grupo Sosoares S.A., Portugal

photo_credit Grupo Sosoares S.A.
Grupo Sosoares S.A.

Grupo Sosoares is a Portuguese company that operates in two business areas: creating, developing, and designing aluminum frame systems; and transforming glass. Its history began in 1979 and today it operates with 300 employees. It has invested some €15 million in a glass processing plant equipped with high-tech machinery to meet the demands of designers in new architectural trends focused on transparency, and manufactures notable products like OS System with minimal aluminum frames for large format windows, capable of accommodating various glass types as well as digital painting techniques.


14. Impronta, Italy


Impronta is a company specializing in the production of designer windows. Founded in the historic city of Treviso, Italy, the company has a team of over 60 people and aims to enhance contemporary architecture through solutions that make space for light while minimizing the impact of the window frame, achieved through minimalist profiles with high technical standards. Impronta has collaborated with some of the most renowned Italian architectural studios to realize their visions for projects. Its XTRAVISION sliding windows with high acoustic and thermal performance is a thermally broken aluminum sliding window with high acoustic and thermal performance. 


15. AluK S.A., Netherlands

photo_credit MEDULLA studio
MEDULLA studio

AluK Group is a global leader in designing and engineering aluminum window, door, and curtain wall systems with over sixty years of expertise and operations. Its systems have been specified in many of the world's most advanced buildings. With eight business units, AluK remains a family-owned business with strong European roots focused on sustainable growth through product innovation, technical expertise, and expansion into new markets. Its notable products include the SL50 window wall system for rapid facade construction which features a visible 50 millimeter frame with various external cover strip designs. It is designed for vertical wall construction and applications such as skylights, offering profiles that accommodate large spans, ensuring high water and air tightness, and withstanding strong wind forces.


16. Idealcombi, United Kingdom

photo_credit Rory Gardiner for Lyndon Goode Architects
Rory Gardiner for Lyndon Goode Architects

On the Danish west coast, where it is colder, windier and rain more than in the rest of Denmark, Idealcombi designs, tests and manufactures some of the highest quality windows on the market. The family owned factory employs over 500 local employees and is ran by the second generation of the Søgaard family. It manufactures products like Idealcombi Futura+ powder coated aluminum windows with optimal energy performance which features inward opening tilt and turn windows with slim external profiles to give designers and owners additional freedom. 


17. Metaglas, Netherlands

photo_credit Metaglas

All Metaglas products are completely custom-made and are manufactured in the company's factory in Tiel, Netherlands. Together with architects, construction companies and clients, Metaglas realizes special and diverse designs made of aluminum and glass. Because it develops, produces and installs all of its products on site, the knowledge of its experienced in-house advisors and engineers can be called upon from early design stages. The company produces Methermo XL ultra-slim Dutch-made aluminum window system which features, in addition to the popular slim sliding doors and vertical sliding windows, also inward and outward opening windows, facades and fixed glazing.


18. YKK AP America Inc., United States


US-headquartered YKK AP is a global company that operates at a local level. The company entered the market with aluminum products made by YKK AP Japan in 1984 and opened a branch in Atlanta in 1986. With interest in establishing a significant presence in the USA, YKK AP America Inc. was incorporated in 1991. It product line includes YCW 750 XT IG aluminum curtain wall system which incorporates specialized thermal struts for exceptional thermal efficiency.


19. Muskita Aluminium Industries, Cyprus

photo_credit Creative Photo Room
Creative Photo Room

Muskita Aluminium Industries has been working with aluminum for over half a century. Its production department covers an area of 55,000 square meters and employs 350 administrative and technical staff. It is located only four kilometers from the Limassol port, the busiest harbor of the Eastern Mediterranean, with daily connections to all major European ports. It produces advanced products like the MU2075 hinged aluminum window system, ideal for private residences and buildings with high energy requirements. 


20. swissFineLine AG, Switzerland

photo_credit swissFineLine

SwissFineLine is a family-owned company with a staff of 45 and over 130 years of history. It is one of the leading companies working in the field of high-quality glass and metal architecture and produces the well-known SwissFineLine sliding aluminum doors and windows with multiple tracks and corner openings characterized by a sleek, minimalist design and transparency. The expansive, movable window system can be applied both indoors and outdoors. The frameless design is achieved through fine, almost imperceptible aluminum edging that integrates with walls, floors, and ceilings.


21. K·LINE España y Portugal, Spain

photo_credit K·LINE España y Portugal
K·LINE España y Portugal

K•LINE understands the importance of natural light in daily well-being and introduced the hidden sash, maximizing glass surface area by 15% compared to traditional windows. The innovative company combines high insulation, light, and design in a minimal material package. Its K-LINE KL-BC two and three rail sliding aluminum window system offers unrivaled views of the outdoors and can be opened wide to merge living spaces with gardens. The aluminum frames are available in thirty colors, with an option for two-color combinations.


22. Winco Window Company, United States

photo_credit Billy Hustace
Billy Hustace

US-based Winco Window Company manufactures products like the notable 3250 Steel Replica aluminum window series designed to satisfy historic requirements while also meeting modern building codes demands. With the thinnest profiles on the market for an architectural grade, thermal window system the 3250 is still robust and versatile successful in large openings and achieving low U-Values. In addition, the 3250 meets coastal hurricane zone requirements while preserving the architectural integrity of significant historic buildings.


23. Cuhadaroglu Aluminyum Sanayi ve Ticaret, Turkey

photo_credit Yercekim Architectural Photography
Yercekim Architectural Photography

Çuhadaroğlu Metal Sanayi is a company based in Turkey that specializes in metal manufacturing and industrial production. It is known for producing various metal products, including but not limited to, aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum systems, and architectural facade solutions. The company caters to both domestic and international markets, offering a wide range of products and services. It manufactures ST 70 insulated aluminum window and doors which includes windows enhanced with flat and radial options and doors with identical lines.


24. Technal, France

photo_credit Fernando Guerra / FG+SG
Fernando Guerra / FG+SG

Specializing in architectural aluminum solutions, Technal offers a wide range of products and systems for commercial and residential buildings. These include curtain walls, windows, doors, and facades, designed to meet the highest standards of performance, aesthetics, and sustainability. With a strong emphasis on innovation and design, Technal products are known for their quality, durability, and ability to enhance the built environment. The company serves customers worldwide, providing tailored solutions to architects, contractors, and developers for projects of all sizes and complexities. It manufactures Technal aluminum facade systems for advanced thermal performance, an extensive range that combines innovative design, superior performance, and durability. 


25. EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc., United States

photo_credit Iwan Baan
Iwan Baan

EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc. specializes in architectural building systems. With a focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability, EXTECH offers a diverse range of products designed to enhance the aesthetics, performance, and functionality of building exteriors. From translucent daylighting systems to customizable facades, their solutions are utilized in commercial, institutional, and industrial projects across the globe. The company is known for its expertise in materials such as polycarbonate and aluminum, leveraging these materials to create durable, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient building solutions. Its LIGHTWALL 3440 aluminum window panels with translucent polycarbonate is multi-wall panel system designed primarily for daylighting purposes in architectural projects. This system creates a durable and weather-resistant solution suitable for various exterior applications.