25 best outdoor furniture manufacturers

25 best outdoor furniture manufacturers

17 Jun 2024  •  仕様  •  By Samira Ahsan

Outdoor furniture, crafted for patios, decks, balconies, gardens, and other open-air spaces, is typically made from weather-resistant materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or wicker to endure the sun, rain, and wind. Choosing the right material is crucial for the furniture's longevity. Additionally, integrating natural elements can enhance the tranquility and beauty of your outdoor area. Here are 25 of Archello’s most popular outdoor furniture manufacturers, as recommended by architects and designers, featured in Archello's 25 best manufacturers series.


1. PEDRALI, Italy

photo_credit poli.design

PEDRALI, an Italian furniture manufacturer, is known for its innovative design and durability. Founded in 1963 by Mario Pedrali, the company has expanded its product range to include residential, commercial, and public spaces. PEDRALI combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices, collaborating with renowned designers. The company operates state-of-the-art facilities in Italy, using recyclable materials and eco-friendly packaging. PEDRALI continues to shape the future of furniture with its commitment to quality and design. Its NOLITA 3650 steel tube outdoor chair is a quintessential representation of elegance and modern durability, designed for the outdoors. This chair is part of the Nolita family, a collection that harks back to the origins of Pedrali’s journey, which began with Mario Pedrali’s iconic metal garden chairs in the 1960s. 


2. Magis Spa, Italy

photo_credit Jomar Bragança
Jomar Bragança

Magis Spa, founded in 1976 by Eugenio Perazza, is an Italian design company known for its avant-garde furniture. Its collaborations with influential designers like Jasper Morrison, Philippe Starck, and Thomas Heatherwick, Magis have yielded a range of furniture and accessories for residential and commercial use. The company's philosophy is to push design boundaries while focusing on sustainability, using advanced manufacturing processes and environmentally-friendly materials. Magis continues to lead the way in contemporary design, offering functional, durable, and visually captivating products like the Spun outdoor sculptural chair made from polyethylene. The chair, designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis, redefines the concept of seating with its unique, playful design. This innovative piece of furniture offers an experience that combines elements of architecture, design, and sculpture. 


3. Kettal, Spain

photo_credit Photo: Kettal
Photo: Kettal

Kettal has grown from a small family business started in 1964 to an internationally renowned brand with a presence in over 80 countries. Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Kettal produces high-end outdoor furniture, collaborating with acclaimed designers like Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, and Rodolfo Dordoni. The company prioritizes sustainability and uses environmentally friendly materials, earning numerous awards and a loyal customer base. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Bitta Collection outdoor furniture with braided polyester on robust aluminum frames combines contemporary design with timeless comfort, offering a range of products for both residential and commercial markets. 


4. Vondom, Spain

photo_credit Vondom

Vondom, a leader in contemporary furniture, lighting, and decor, is based in Valencia, Spain. The company combines technology with traditional craftsmanship to create unique products. Its Milos Collection outdoor sofa was designed in collaboration with Jean-Marie Massaud. The collection is inspired by the Mediterranean landscape. Featuring smooth, organic shapes that evoke rocks sculpted by wind and waves, this outdoor sofa blends naturally with various environments. Its versatile and inviting design makes it suitable for both modern and traditional outdoor spaces.


5. EMU Group S.p.A., Italy 

photo_credit EMU Group S.p.A.
EMU Group S.p.A.

EMU Group S.p.A., an Italian manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture, has a rich history of combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Founded in 1951, the company transitioned from military equipment production to outdoor furniture manufacturing in the 1960s. EMUS’s Round Collection, designed by Christophe Pillet, combines simplicity, timeless quality, and detached elegance. The collection features rounded lines, clean, elemental shapes, and clean, elemental shapes for comfortable seating and table solutions. The collection's design philosophy focuses on enhancing materials and showcasing their inherent qualities through innovative manufacturing techniques. 


6. Paola Lenti Srl., Italy 

photo_credit Giulio Gostoli
Giulio Gostoli

Paola Lenti, founded in 1994, is renowned for producing high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture that combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. The company's commitment to sustainability and quality is evident in its production process, which includes environmentally friendly practices and attention to detail. Paola Lenti's Aqua outdoor furniture collection employs innovative materials known as Rope and Aquatech, which are developed in-house to meet the specific demands of outdoor use. These yarns are resistant to UV rays, salt, and chlorine, ensuring that the furnishings maintain their vibrant colors and structural integrity even under the harshest outdoor conditions.


7. B&B Italia, Italy 

photo_credit B&B Italia
B&B Italia

B&B Italia, founded in 1966, is a leading contemporary furnishing company specializing in Italian furniture design. The company focuses on home and public spaces, collaborating with international designers to create unique products that embody contemporary culture and lifestyles. B&B Italia's commitment to research, creativity, and function has earned it membership in Fondazione Altagamma, an association representing Italian culture and style. The Crinoline outdoor furniture collection inspired by 1800s Italian couture features lightweight, recyclable, and rustproof aluminum structures, with designs in various shapes and heights, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. Much like the elegant dresses that women wore in the 1800s, which had full, bell-shaped skirts held by crinolines, were rigid underskirt garments. These dresses were like spectacular “micro-architectures” that were commonly seen in living rooms everywhere. The chairs in the Crinoline collection are designed to reflect this elegant look: the wide curve of the base is repeated in the seat and the curve of the backrest. 


8. Unopiù, Italy

photo_credit  Unopiù

Unopiù, a leading outdoor furniture company, was founded in Tuscia over 40 years ago. The company focuses on providing functional and elegant solutions for various environments, from terraces to resorts, hotels, and yachts. Unopiù's Synthesis outdoor collection, made from teak and WaProLace synthetic fiber, is both refined and environmentally friendly. The teak comes from certified Indonesian plantations, ensuring sustainability and fair treatment of personnel. The collection includes modular seating, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, poufs, sunloungers, deckchairs, daybeds, tables, chairs, and small armchairs. Unopiù cushions are available in various color variants, and the Jolly collection is specifically designed for Synthesis sofas.



photo_credit Story by GANDIABLASCO

GANDIA BLASCO, founded in 1941, specializes in producing blankets and outdoor furniture. Under Jose A. Gandia-Blasco, the company has expanded to garden and terrace furniture collections. Its BLAU collection uses an innovative construction system of extruded aluminum sections. The collection includes chairs and artificial trees, with an instant-growth tree designed for urban environments. The term 'BLAU' in the Mediterranean region refers to the color blue and lifestyle. Designed by Fran Silvestre, BLAU uses aluminum profiles for light and fluid forms, with perforated panels for transparency. The collection presents elegant outdoor furniture with a prominent architectural character and timeless quality.


10. Artek, Finland 

photo_credit Artek

Artek is a Finnish design company founded in 1935 that focuses on promoting modern living through furniture and exhibitions. The company's collection includes furniture, lighting, and accessories designed by Finnish masters and international designers. Artek's products are known for clarity, functionality, and poetic simplicity. The Tea Trolley 901 is one of Artek's products that is easy to maneuver and can be parked easily due to its twin wheels and lightweight birch construction. Its design is inspired by both British tea culture and Japanese woodworking. 


11. Landscape Forms, United States

photo_credit Story by Landscape Forms
Story by Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms is a leading provider of high-design site furniture, LED lighting, and custom environments. The Chipman Chair is known for its ability to inspire creativity and transform spaces. Part of the Terrace Life series, the Chipman line offers modern and innovative outdoor furniture created by landscape architect Robert Chipman. The collection includes cast aluminum chairs, stools, and tables inspired by the natural curves and hollows of mountains. This furniture is both lightweight and durable, featuring intricate detailing and finishing. The Chipman Collection is designed for terraces, rooftop gardens, and other private or protected spaces, making it the perfect complement for outdoor settings.


12. Tribù®, Belgium

photo_credit Story by Tribù
Story by Tribù

Tribù® is a leading brand of premium outdoor furniture from Belgium, available in over 50 countries. The company's mission is to design innovative, high-quality outdoor furniture with a timeless, family-oriented design. Tosca organically-shaped weatherproof outdoor furniture, designed by Monica Armani, features elegant and intriguing organic shapes and innovative use of materials. The expanded collection includes a distinctive dining set and a luxurious daybed, all crafted with weatherproof materials. The centerpiece of the collection is a luxurious table with a ceramic top featuring a delicately clouded pattern. The lounger in the collection is also weatherproof and designed for comfort and practicality, with an adjustable headboard and integrated wheels. 


13. DEDON, Germany

photo_credit Photo: DEDON
Photo: DEDON

The DEDON story started with an innovative fiber, leading to the creation of durable woven furniture. The company, founded by Bobby Dekeyser in 1990, has become a global leader in high-quality outdoor furniture. Its MBRACE collection outdoor woven-fiber and teak seating by Sebastian Herkner is a celebrated collection known for its fusion of materials, including teak, woven fiber, and aluminum. The collection offers comfort and a unique design suitable for outdoor living. Collaborating with renowned designers and colorists, DEDON continues to innovate and create iconic outdoor furniture collections. 


14. Extremis, Belgium

photo_credit Story by Govaert & Vanhoutte architects
Story by Govaert & Vanhoutte architects

Extremis is a Belgian company founded in 1994 that focuses on creating high-quality, functional outdoor furniture. The company values innovation, functionality, and sustainability, and operates with a unique approach, prioritizing design and innovative ideas. One of its notable designs is the Hopper picnic table with Iroko hardwood tabletop on metal legs, a modern table designed to bring people together in comfort and style. The Hopper features pass-through zones for easy access, slanted legs, and tabletop edges inspired by hop poles, and a design that allows the tabletop to be used as a backrest. The Hopper is available in various sizes and configurations and can be combined with a purpose-designed sunshade.


15. Papadatos SA, Greece 

photo_credit Story by Papadatos SA
Story by Papadatos SA

Papadatos S.A. is a design and manufacturing group founded in 1990 by George and Nasos Papadatos. The brand designs and produces a wide range of furnishings, focusing on simplicity and honesty. The Aria Collection diverse outdoor furniture featuring teak and metal elements was created in collaboration with Jacopo Giagnoni. The collection includes sofas, daybeds, poufs, and modular elements that can be customized in size, shape, and fabric options. 


16. Varaschin, Italy 


Varaschin has been manufacturing outdoor furniture and accessories since 1969, with a focus on quality and expertise in outdoor relaxation. The BARCODE outdoor textured wood furniture collection includes sunbeds, tables, and consoles, all featuring an elegant linear texture engraved in the wood. The collection uses teak from certified plantations. Its designs aim for a true symbiosis with the outdoor spaces they inhabit, drawing inspiration from contemporary desires and the most advanced stylistic scenarios.


17. Flexform, Italy 

photo_credit Flexform

Flexform is an Italian company known for its high-quality artisanal sofas and furnishings. The company has a strong culture of design collaboration and work with top designers and creative talents. It has a widespread international sales and distribution structure and makes investments in advertising, research, and innovation. One of its popular products is the Crono outdoor armchair with wood structure hand-braided cord backrest, which was originally designed for indoor use but has been reinterpreted for outdoor use. It is made with a solid iroko wood structure and a hand-braided cord backrest. The chair comes in various finishes for the wood structure and a wide range of colors for the woven polypropylene cord. The legs are finished with die-cast metal alloy tips and protective nylon pads. Most of the components used in the Crono Outdoor seating elements can be recycled.


18. Roda furniture, Italy 

photo_credit Photo: Andrea Ferrari
Photo: Andrea Ferrari

Roda furniture has a mimetic design intended to blend with context. Roda’s HARP outdoor chair collection includes chairs, lounge chairs, stools, barstools, and sunloungers characterized by a tubular metal structure intertwined with polyester or acrylic cords. The collection offers a variety of finishes and colors, making it versatile and suitable for any outdoor setting. The furniture pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also crafted with excellent workmanship, featuring hand-welded structures and intricately woven cords. The HARP sunlounger, in particular, offers practical functionality with a three-position reclining backrest, making it perfect for relaxation in a garden or on a terrace.


19. Royal Botania, Belgium

photo_credit Willem Dirk du Toit
Willem Dirk du Toit

Royal Botania is a leading manufacturer of luxury outdoor furniture and lighting that aims to bring luxury and refined design to outdoor spaces. The company uses high-quality materials and top craftsmanship, including teakwood from its own plantation in Thailand, to create sustainable and stylish collections suitable for patios, poolsides, gardens, and homes. Its Ninix furniture collection featuring bronze aluminum and ceramic features a minimalist design, maximum sitting comfort, and a wide range of tabletops. The company's metal seating in 304-grade stainless steel and high-performance outdoor Batyline fabric offers low maintenance, durability, and a contemporary style for outdoor spaces. Royal Botania is dedicated to creating well-designed, sustainable products for outdoor spaces.


20. Escofet, Spain

photo_credit Marcela Grassi
Marcela Grassi

Escofet is a company based in Barcelona. It specializes in designing and producing urban elements and architectural concrete to enhance cities and encourage the use of public spaces. Escofet has an open and collaborative approach to work, engaging with multidisciplinary teams of architects, designers, and artists. It strives to reinterpret processes and materials, creating innovative solutions to be shared and utilized. SO-FFA naturally-shaped outdoor seating for urban spaces by Escofet consists of four parallelepiped volumes made of reinforced cast stone. The simple yet strong shape of the volumes represents stones carved from a quarry. The collection's weight and natural stability make it unnecessary to anchor the pieces to the ground, and the design allows for use in urban spaces as well as natural settings like beaches, parks, and forests. 


21. iSiMAR, Spain

photo_credit Artek

iSiMAR designs and manufactures metal furniture for indoor and outdoor use. Unique pieces are crafted with high quality, fully recycled, and recyclable materials, suitable for various projects such as hospitality, contract, residential, or offices. The TOPOS collection is a line of outdoor furniture that was recently unveiled. Its TOPOS Chair in durable galvanized steel is recycled, and all components of each piece can be repurposed or recycled at the end of service life. The collection focuses on ergonomics, material quality, and structure to create a perfect balance between personal comfort, material resilience, and geometric expression. 


22. Gloster, USA

photo_credit Story by Gloster
Story by Gloster

With offices worldwide and a manufacturing facility in Indonesia, Gloster has a rich history tracing back to its beginnings in West Africa in 1960. Its Deck crafted teak slat outdoor furniture collection is inspired by the sturdy and trusty ship's deck, evoking an uncompromising air of quality and craftsmanship. Made with resilient teak, the modular lounge furniture of the collection complements existing dining table sets, providing even more seating combinations for tailored outdoor seating experiences.


23. Fischer Möbel, Germany

photo_credit Story by Fischer Möbel
Story by Fischer Möbel

Since 1984 Fischer Möbel has stood for exclusive outdoor furniture with design. The combination of wood, quality, and craftsmanship has contributed to success over the decades. Its offerings include the Tennis garden armchair and table collection, a completely independent functional concept that has proven itself over many years. Tennis is anaward-winning collection that stands out for its function, clean forms, and the intelligent mix of materials.


24. Wausau Tile, USA 

photo_credit Story by Wausau Tile
Story by Wausau Tile

For more than 60 years, Wausau Tile has proven its commitment to quality, value, and American craftsmanship. Its Collaboration Pod Bench concrete outdoor seating with metal canopy features elegant and stylish designs from award-winning landscape architects Damon Farber Associates. The Pod Bench features a rounded and enclosed concrete bench protected from above with a colorful metal top. 


25. 10DEKA, Greece

photo_credit Courtesy of 10deka
Courtesy of 10deka

10Deka brand, a high-end line of outdoor furniture crafted for distinctive projects worldwide. The company excels in contemporary design, combining the versatility and durability of aluminum with sophisticated materials and fine finishes. Its collections include Litus, made from high-quality powder-coated aluminum and woven cord to ensure both durability and resistance to weather conditions. The collection includes a variety of seating options such as lounge chairs, sofas, and modular sectional units, allowing for versatile configurations.