Introducing Partner Geopietra

Introducing Partner Geopietra

19 Apr 2024  •  パートナーニュース  •  By Allie Shiell

Geopietra® is an international brand and an Italian company founded in 1996, specialized in the production and sale of manufactured stone cladding in Europe. The brand embodies the principles of top quality, innovation, elegance and attention to detail, intrinsic to Italian design. Geopietra® believes in the high quality resulting from handmade production, which is reflected in the attention to detail of its manufactured stone. Made from hand-painted individual stones, Geopietra® cladding faithfully recreates the weathered look of ancient masonry, raising this material to an exceptional level of maturity and versatility and making it extraordinarily modern.


Geopietra® is not just aesthetic beauty, but it’s functionality too. It has a low thickness, is light and breathable, and promotes an excellent balance between resistance and thermal inertia, as well as high colour and frost resistance. Its components are natural, as for example natural oxides, light aggregates, lime and concrete, and it does not include the use of resins or marble dust.


Versatility is another of its distinctive features: Geopietra® cladding is designed to adapt to a wide range of architectural styles, applicable for both exteriors and interiors, for new buildings, renovations, extensions, renewals, even in the presence of landscape constraints. With a collection of over 50 models, inspired by the beauty of nature and available in a variety of shades, it offers to architects endless design possibilities, allowing them to shape unique spaces with a welcoming atmosphere and distinguishing. Geopietra® also meets the most detailed needs with a dedicated service for customised models.


Geopietra® is proud of the manufactured nature of its stone. This feature not only preserves the local architectural tradition in new modern architectural styles, but also limits excavation, eliminates waste and speeds up site activities with efficient packing in boxes. The natural drying method adopted, without firing or forced drying, ensures the durability of the colours over time and significant energy and CO2 savings. The lightness and breathability of the stone create ideal conditions for installation on external thermal insulation, ensuring energy-saving performance and living comfort over time.


Geopietra®, an expression of elegance, redefines architectural space, making it a unique emotional experience.


Below are some select Geopietra products:


P81 GARDA - Square Profile

Chesa Akelei
Four luxurious flats were designed for the Chesa Akelei building project, in a particularly privileged location. The first concern of the architect Andreas Venzin was to reconcile the beautiful view with respecting th...

The P81 Garda Model is part of the Square profile from the Murogeopietra® collection, characterized by its square shapes and  a regular and uniform texture. This model offers the possibility of being dry laid or laid with joints: the use of GeoFit® special pieces ensures fast installation and great aesthetic impact for both cases. The installation with joints is carried out with GeoBi two-component mortar, available in 6 colours and 2 grain sizes, ideal to meet different finishing needs.


Model On Request


A customised wall can be created On Request by choosing and mixing models and shades in the collection at will. Each stone wall is unique, and as a result murogeopietra offers the possibility of numerous combinations of textures, profiles, shades and finishes that are limitless when designing the appearance of façades.


Ledge Stone Profile


Profile featuring a layered, horizontal design with elongated stones. The effect is further accentuated in a dry installation, where particular care is required when forming and finishing joints of the stone veneer. Adding the special GeoFit® pieces highlights the elongated and indented features of the profile.