コンクリートとセメント, Concrete

The Alfa7 dining table suggests a provocation: the 2.10m diameter top rests on slender steel tubular feet and appears to float. The light and clean design of the piece, which works with minimal material thickness, is in contrast to the “heavy” character of the concrete and the steel that forms it.

The opportunity to propose a dining table that through materials commonly used in civil construction (concrete and metal), could also be used outdoors and thus serve a wider audience.

The Alfa7 is designed as an indoor and outdoor dining table option for those who like the strength of concrete and its natural look.

Ductal was used, high-tech concrete and key material for the success of the project; Its strength superior to that of conventional concrete, allows it to reach 180 mpa and thus reach smaller thicknesses. The tectonic properties of Ductal concrete contributed to the centralized configuration of the feet, given the resistance of the material to the structural forces caused by the center-edge distance of the table. The weight of the piece has also been reduced as we achieve the same formal result by employing less matter and no frame. Regarding the workmanship of the work piece, Ductal also made it possible to achieve a smoother, leveler and more homogeneous surface, meeting another design premise: to achieve an elegant and sophisticated work piece result, even with the use of “rough” materials (concrete and steel). ).

Emerging at the top of the concrete top, the table feet are revealed and gaining importance; This solution contributed to break with the monotony of the concrete texture, besides valuing the structure and the meeting between the two materials that make up the piece.

In the locksmith, 16 ¾ ”solid steel billets are cut and welded to a 6mm steel plate so that 100 of its 744mm length is cut through these perforations in the plate, which help to anchor the concrete to the metal. In contact with the floor, adjustable feet were machined, allowing the table to be leveled on uneven floors. Finally, all locksmiths receive the application of painting in matte black color.

For the production of the ductal concrete top, a fiberglass mold was made, where the locksmith shop is positioned. The concreting is done and during pre-drying the mold is removed. Subsequently, any imperfections are corrected to soften the touch and sharpen the tops of the metal billets apparent on the surface of the tabletop. Lastly, a waterproofing resin layer is applied for protection.

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