Cover freestanding

Cover freestanding
Cover freestanding
ワードローブ and 洋服掛け

Unique system, almost sculptural and with an extraordinary aethestic lightness representing the highest Rimadesio technology, Cover freestanding is a program of self-standing cabinets, representing a natural evolution of the original Cover system, developped as innovative storage system for walk in wardrobes and niches.

The main material is glass, applied for the doors, side and back panels, together with aluminium that gives shapes to the self-standing internal structure: a wide variety of suggested finishes is available and can be combined together, such as mat, glossy and reflex lacquered glass, with the transparent, etched reflective and mirror glass.

A synthesis of design, technological innovation and functionality, designed to fit perfectly to the spaces and allowing to create always customized linear or corner compositions, also equipped to integrate an opening, in order to enter into walk in closets or service areas, thus meeting the different design requests for the contemporary interiors. The Cover upright is fixed to the floor base and the top, that are always made of melamine, and available in coal larch and grey oak finishings.

The arrangement of the internal space is achieved through a series of equipments, that are fixed directly to the supporting structure of the doors. The range of accessories is composed of floor bases, shelves, clothes-hangers, drawer units, pull out trays, shoe racks, tie racks and organizer as well as suspended units or drawers on wheel: coal larch and castoro and argilla regenerated leather are the chosen materials for these accessories, finishings involving sight and touch, able to create more and more exclusive solutions.

Cover freestanding is equipped with an internal led lighting system recessed into the uprights, which is gradually turned on by the opening the doors. The swing doors are equipped with a magnetic closing system and recessed handles, in the same finishing of the structure and have an exclusive optional lock, result of a dedicated innovative project.

Cover is available with black, brown and now also brushed lead structure.



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