Anvi luxury surfaces- new designer series Crystal inaly An amazing mush up of wood, resin and the authentic Swarovski crystals with or without the routing effect.

Wood and resin panels have always been a hot favorite among our huge circle of architects and designers, from the day we started manufacturing them. After exhausting their creativity, about how to use our products in their various projects, they wanted something new, which was equally graceful and elegant with a different tinge of class to it.

So, our creative team had themselves making a headway, to infuse contemporary with a modern design, and thus came our new designer series into picture.

Getting into something, which has always been a forte since ages, i.e Innovation- we were very sure, the designers and our clients would adore this concept and our thought process.

The droplets of wood systematically infused within resin are casted together in the preferred mould. Thereafter we groove on each of the wood droplets and infuse the enchanting Swarovski crystals resting on them,

We launched our new designer series, with the crystals and the routing effect, and it came out way better than we actually thought of it.

It not only goes well with classical, but also shines out loud with modern interiors big time.

This unique product has already been used, by some of our clients, as a door/ decorative panel. They love the concept and quality that this product carries, and it gives us immense pride when the word of mouth of any and every individual comes out with all praises for the material.

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