ElementFaçade 7

Whether it be a skyscraper in a capital, an office building with an exceptional architectural look or a renovation of a residential high-rise: every urban development project searches for products that makes it stand out. At the same time, these projects aim to move fast and remain within the budget linked to standard products. In search of that ultimate combination, we dug deeper and came up with a remarkable result.

With ElementFaçade 7, Reynaers Aluminium provides you with an off-the-shelf product answer. It is a tested and certified solution that meets a high level of architectural imagination. However, with Reynaers Aluminium’s expertise it can also be tailored exactly to your needs, when necessary. Element Façade 7 allows bigger dimensions and sustains heavier glass weights. Its future-proof performance values also allow to further increase the height of façades, whilst meeting the strictest thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as sustainability requirements.


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