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IGP Robust Surfaces
IGP Robust Surfaces
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Insiders have known that essential varnish properties can also be visually appealing: The complex integration of effect additives make IGP façade powder coatings significantly more resistant to scratches and, at the same time, visually glossier.

In Europe, façade coatings comprise up to 85% environmentally-friendly organic plastic powder coatings that are applied without any solvents whatsoever. Ever since their triumphant progress which began in the 1970s, façade coatings have become more stable to the impacts of weather, more resistant to mortar and moisture amongst other things. However, they have not become more resistant to scratches.

Until today. Until IGP successfully increased the scratch resistance by more than two-fold compared to conventional powder coatings with a mixture of additives and close-to-the-surface substances. (measurable in residual gloss according to “Martindale”) 

On the one hand, this means a higher surface protection when handling façade components during the processing and assembly phases. On the other hand, this also results in the long-desired increased cleaning resistance or lower shearing marks when performing basic and upkeep cleaning.

Glossy colours – Robust interior 

A very significant property in our opinion. 

Highly weather-resistant façade coatings with 3D effect combined with an increased scratch resistance.

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