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The new modular table system Their common feature is a very light, modular aluminium structure. Manta tables are available in a wide variety of sizes with round, rectangular and boat-shaped tops. Photo f1: Manta with aluminium brown structure and heat-treated oak top. Photo f2, f3: mat white aluminium structure and mat white acrylic top.

The freedom of design The Manta table system has been designed to guarantee maximum location freedom both for homes or professional settings. The project’s aesthetic variety underscores the extensiveness of interpretation options, with a polished aluminium structure in brown or matt lacquered finish in the 30 Ecolorsystem colours. Tops are available in transparent glass or painted glass in the 30 matt and glossy Ecolorsystem colours, in matt white acrylic and in heat-treated oak. Photo f4: Manta table with grigio ombra colour aluminium frame and glossy painted glass top in the same shade.

Dimension in mm Rectangular table H 740 L 2000 x P 950 – L 2200 x P 950 Cask table H 740 L 2400 x P 1060 – L 3000 x P 1180 – L 3600 x P 1280

Ecolorsystem The key to the new Rimadesio products is the exclusive Ecolorsystem collection which includes 50 lacquered glass choices in either the matte or glossy finish, in addition to 6 shades in the reflex finish with its shimmery metallic effect. Rimadesio’s ecological colours are made exclusively with non-polluting, next-generation water-based paints.

Eco-sustainability Rimadesio has always been a champion of sustainability, using only 100% recyclable glass and aluminium, and continuing to invest in technological innovations that reduce the environmental impact in its industrial production. Rimadesio’s production facilities are run entirely on solar energy.

The decision to choose green energy was made after extensive investigation, using cutting-edge technology that provides real and measurable results. In 2011, the company attained a key objective: zero CO2 emissions. This goal was achieved with the 1.4 MW solar energy plant, with annual generation of 1,500,000 kWh of energy, equivalent to 200% of the energy necessary to run all Rimadesio’s facilities.

The wood, composite materials and glass used are comply with the highest European standards.

The packaging Rimadesio uses is 100% micro-corrugated cardboard, in accordance with the standards of Legislative Decree 22/97, which incorporated into Italian law the European Directive 94/62/CE, requiring weight and volume to be reduced to a minimum and the absence of dangerous materials and completely recyclable packaging.





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